Booker T's Net Worth

Booker T's Net Worth

Facts of Booker T's Net Worth

Date of Birth:1965 March 1
First NameRobert Booker Tio
Last NameHuffman
AkaBooker T, King Booker
Age:57 years old
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 6 Feet 3 Inch

Booker T's Net Worth

Former WWF wrestler, one of the most famous kings of the ring and one of the most aggressive players who ever graced the ring, Booker T AKA King Booker is worth $5 millions as per Forebs magazine. Booker Tio Huffman who spent more than two decades inside the ring is undoubtedly one of the most liked WWE wrestlers on the planet even after his retirement.

Other than WWE wrestling, he is also known for being a radio host for a show called Heated Conversation, other than that Booker T is a WWE commentator and not just a regular one, he is the best that there ever will be. When he was a regular wrestler on WWE we saw him throwing Scissors Kicks to destroy his opponents and now when he is outside the ring, officially retired, he still throws bullet fast comments to make fights interesting.

Booker T’s salary and net worth inclusive of his acting Career

His fame sky rocketed after WWE bought WCW, and his reported salary from WWE is over $650K a year. The income he earns include $550,000 per year salary inclusive of winning bonus is $183,333. WWE universe has evaluated his market worth at $2.75 Million. Further, in 2015 expected payroll of Booker T was reported to be around $632,500.

WCW wrestler who later joined WWE and TNA has won 23 titles in total in different wrestling entertainment business. He is one of the most decorated WCW players that earned fame and money in all sports agency he was linked with.

All time fan favorite wrestler further went on to be the first ever WWE champion from African background which is another reason that makes him historic player.

Appearing in numerous Pay-Per View events, along with record breaking TRP collections, Movies and TV shows along with many Wrestling games he has earned a huge sum of money and even after his retirement his hands are full.

He still appears in Video games, as of 2017 he has been featured in 27 wrestling related games and has earned a good sum from it as well.

His merchandise is still a hit, and WWE Hall of Famer has still managed to appear on ring side as a commemorator. Moreover, he is loved all over the world and is a legit WWE promoter. Other than being a promoter, he is also known own independent promotion Reality of Wrestling (ROW) which is located in Texas City, Texas.

Some of the hit series and movies have established King Booker as the most established wrestler who should be looked up to by new arrivals. Some of his memorable feature films and shows include The Weakest Link, Charmed, Family Feud and Ready to Rumble.

He is still an occasional wrestler and full-time commemorator for WWE, the funny comments he passes are much loved by all WWE fans. As a regular radio host, he reportedly earns around $ 25K to $30K a year. Added his book’s royalty that he earns as an author from Medallion Press he is a higher order six figured TV personality.

His books include Booker T: From Prison to Promise released in 2012 and Booker T: Wrestling Royalty with Medallion Press released in 2015.

Huffman is also interested in politics, The famous wrestler King Booker On December 10, 2016, announced he will run for mayor of Houston in 2019's election.