Jerry Lee Net Worth

Jerry Lee Net Worth

Facts of Jerry Lee Net Worth

Net worth$55 Million
Date of Birth:1962 October 13
First NameJerry Lee
Last NameLewis
AkaJerry Rice
Age:61 years old

Jerry Lee Net Worth: $55 Million

The Former NFL wide receiver Jerry Rice recently made headlines for his earnings. The former wide receiver of Denver Broncos browns retired in 2005 after playing 20 seasons primarily with the San Francisco 49ers. The net worth of Jerry is $55 million and he is annually paid $500K which is quite impressive for someone who has retired 12 years ago.

Early life

Jerry Lee Rice was born in Starkville, Mississippi as the son of Joe Nathan rice and Eddie Rice. Joe was a brick mason by trade and Eddie never wanted his son to play football. According to his autobiography, Jerry's principal found out that he has been sneaking out of class to play football. As he was good at it, the coach offered him a place in the team. Lee went to B. L. Moor High School in Kotok, Mississippi, and he attended Mississippi Valley State University from 1981 to 1984.

Turning Point

Lee was the son of a brick mason, life was never easy for him. While, Jerry was raised in a small town named Crawford, Mississippi with his seven brothers and sisters. In summers he and as his brother helped his dad lay bricks. Additionally, they were living a normal life, until Jerry started to play football. The turning point of Lee's life was the moment he joined the 49rs. While, Jerry started his career in 1985, and was paid a total of $700k which as of 2017 will be worth about $1, 6 million. He made his entire fortune from the game period 1985 to 2017. While his total career earnings sum up to be about $42.4 million. After his retirement, his celebrity status has grown beyond the football field to numerous TV shows. Additionally, Lee has hosted many sports shows. And has appeared on ABC's hit reality show Dancing with the Stars, NBC's Deal Or No Deal and much other reality and talk shows. Currently, he is in a multi-year marketing contract with Van Heusen. Above all his media involvements and NFL career, he is a sensational writer. Furthermore, he has co-authored two books about his life so far named Go Long: My Journey Beyond the Game and the Fame and Rice. As a matter of fact, he is still growing stronger and stronger in terms of his worth. At the same time, he serves himself as a source of inspiration to many.

Personal Life

Jerry married Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell on September 8, 1987. However, the married didn't workout and ended up with a divorce in 2009. The pair share three children together: Jacqui Bonnet, Jerry Rice, Jr., and Jada Symone.  

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