Adam Rose’s Net Worth,salary

Adam Rose’s Net Worth,salary

Facts of Adam Rose’s Net Worth,salary

Net worth $650 Thousand.
Date of Birth:1979 July 20
First NameRaymond John
Last Name Leppan
NationalitySouth African
AkaAdam Rose
Age:44 years old

Adam Rose's Net Worth:$650 Thousand

All About WWE wrestler and Party Animal Adam Rose known in the ring as “Leo Kruger” in his home country South Africa, Adam Rose in recent days is reported to earn a salary of $300,000 as of 2015 from WWE and is expected to have an estimated net worth of $650 Thousand. Raymond Leppan AKA “Adam Rose” is a South African wrestler and a WWE fighter from Johannesburg. The wrestler is a party animal and most of his earnings from wrestling career are spent on his habit of partying hard. Despite being a struggling athlete, he is pretty popular among WWE fans as a bad ass wrestler. So, if you are interested in knowing all about this South African NXT wrestler then you have landed in a proper place. Today, we are about to explore all on this handsome Gentleman’s net worth here. So stick tight as we open up his lifestyle and show you his actual earnings and worth.

How much does Adam Rose earn from WWE?

As dealt before, no WWE wrestler is endorsed by any brand in particular but any brand that is related to WWE ultimately adds an extra amount of income to all players. Though a few of players like John Cena is supported by some individual brands taking in consideration of his fame rest of the under card fighters like Adam Rose gets a good amount of bonuses from the universe. It is estimated that the bounces that all athletes get are actually around 40% of their signing amount with the WWE universe, hence Rose whose yearly salary is reported to be around $300,000 should make an additional earning around $120 thousand a year.

Are there any other Projects that Leo Kruger earns from:

As a pro-wrestler and home town hero, Leo actually earns a whopping amount of salary from his T-Shirt printing business. He actually is a proud owner of his own brand which produces cooler t-shirts that promote his popularity as well. The T-shirt he wore once gathered media attention as it seemed to promote domestic violence. Here are a few Designs which he shared on his Instagram account: Ta-Ta Kruger T-shirt Even if the actual cost per single T-shirt is not out but the printing and animated kind of T-shirt with his face on it, should claim around $20 per piece. Further, the kid's favorite wrestler and proud father of two is seen spending nice beach time with his loved ones as well as two kids in different beaches which prove that he has made a decent career out of his muscular body in recent days. So, the story is clear till this point, but we know that you are all waiting to know if he actually is active in Wrestling after being eliminated from WWE due to his legal issues with his former wife? Wrestling is not just an entertainment, for Kruger its passion and a way to live his life. Yes! Adam Rose is still Fighting but with another Ring Name: Adam Rose now goes by another Ring name “Aldo Rose” and is a famous local wrestling superstar star in Florida and is often seen on the main cards. His recent fight was against Overstreet and as was sold for $19 for a front row seat, and $10 for rest. Though the wrestler is handsome and will possibly be seen in NXT again, WWE has not been able to capitalize on a tough character like Rose. His party animal image and tough looks can add up to WWE and certainly increase its Pay-Per-View but the script and play outs don’t seem to work out in his case. Whatever be it, we wish to see Adam Rose jumping inside the ring and do his thing once again.