Adrienne Bolling wife of Eric Bolling: Facts to know about Adrienne Bolling

December 19, 2017Adrienne Bolling wife of Eric Bolling: Facts to know about Adrienne Bolling

When a person comes to the headline, then every possible detail of that person is searched. And in the same way, Eric Bolling’s wife Adrienne Bolling has also now been one of the most searched information on the internet these days.

For your information, Eric Thomas Bolling aka Eric Thomas is one of the most prominent American television personality, financial commentator, author, and conservative political commentator who is famous for his works for Fox News.

Today, on this particular topic, we will let you guys know about Eric Bolling’s wife Adrienne Bolling five facts that might help you to know everything about her. Check it out:

Eric Bolling Married Adrienne Bolling

Eric Bolling is a lucky person, we must say. We all know, Eric’s professional life is successful and so does his personal life.

Adrienne is a married woman and is married to American television personality Eric Bolling. The couple tied the knot back in October 1997 and is still living a healthy marital life. It’s been over two decades that the couple tied the knot and is living a blissful married life without any rumors of divorce or separation issues.

Adrienne and Eric Goes to Church every Sunday

Despite having a busy professional life, Eric still manages to spend a quality time with his wife. In one of the interview back in 2016, Eric revealed that he and his wife go to St. Patrick’s Cathedral to light candles.

Adrienne’s Family loves to Visit the Orlando Theme Parks

It won’t make a difference to say that Eric is a family man. He often says that he would love to take his family to Florida every chance he gets. The family visit Miami and the popular theme parks located in Orlando.

Adrienne’s husband Eric Chose Family over Money

Adrienne's husband has always proved his love for his family. When their son, Eric Chase was studying in preschool, he asked his father to read a book to his class. Eric picked “The Spider and the Family” and repeatedly asked his father to make things possible.

When the date came around, Eric forgot the date and his son had to remind him. As Eric is a family guy, he chose and attends his son’ school and missed a great moment to earn around $2 million amount.

Adrienne’s husband Eric Bolling’s Net Worth

Though Adrienne did not reveal the exact figure of his net worth, her husband Eric Bolling’s net worth is estimated to have around $25 million amount.

Even though there are no details regarding Adrienne’s net worth, she is definitely living a lavish life with her husband.

After the death of their child, son, Eric Chase died on September 9, 2017. Eric Chase died from a drug overdose and several celebrities including Sean Hannity offered condolences.

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