Casey Neistat Net Worth 2017

Casey Neistat Net Worth 2017

Facts of Casey Neistat Net Worth 2017

Net worth$12 million
Date of Birth:1981 March 25
First NameCasey
Last NameNeistat
Age:43 years old
Birth Nation: United States

YouTube has now been a great platform to make money in the recent time and is helping a lot to be popular. You can come across several stars who have come now been in the highlight and among them, Casey Neistat is also the one.

YouTuber Casey Neistat is a vlogger and co-founder of Beme which is a multimedia company if you don’t know. So, today we will be discussing Candice Pool’s husband Casey Neistat’s net worth, house, and sources of income in details:

How much is Casey Neistat’s Net Worth?

Casey Neistat came into the spotlight after posting a three-minute film “iPod’s Dirty Secret” in the year 2003. In the video, he criticized the lack of battery replacement program in Apple from the iPod. Since then he gained a huge attention in this particular field and has now a huge amount of money.

For your information, Casey Neistat is one of the popular YouTube personality, filmmaker, vlogger, and co-founder of Beme which makes people wonder, his net worth is huge as hell.

Now, talking about his net worth, Casey Neistat’s net worth is estimated to be over $12 million. But the way how he represents in his videos makes people feel that his net worth is over $12 million.

Casey Neistat’s Sources of Income

As we described above about the multimedia company, Beme, Neistat and his team pitched the idea to the investors and so did the company came from his own fortune. But at this moment, he sold the company to CNN at worth $25 million.

Though he sold Beme to CNN, he explains that he will still work with CNN on what and how the future Beme will look like. Once in an interview, he revealed that selling Beme was not like winning a lottery.

As being a YouTube personality, Neistat;’s daily revenue is believed to be around $2,480.54 that he earns from his 1,249,270 daily views. If we roughly calculate then, he will learn around $74,416.20 monthly with his views 37,208,100 throughout the month.

So, that means, his yearly view will be 452,698,550 and he will get $905,397 as yearly revenue. And id the tax of around 35% to 40% gets deducted then he will get $588,508.05 yearly. Isn’t that an impressive amount?

Besides this, you might see Neistat in the role of himself in the film Nerve back in 2016. Moreover, he also worked as an executive producer of The Pleasure of Being Robbed in 2008 and director for the 3X3 film back in 2011.

He even directs the television commercials and has a good experience of working with the clients like Nike, Finn Jewelry, Samsung, and Google which is quite helping him to add extra bucks to his net worth.

Casey Neistat’s House

So how would you imagine the house of someone whose net worth is over $12 million? Pretty huge and stylish, right? Then, same is with Casey Neistat. The YouTuber owns a super stylish apartment in New York, USA.

If you notice, he often shares the videos shot in his apartment. Furthermore, he also has a beautiful house in New London, Connecticut.

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