Christie Brimberry Net Worth

Christie Brimberry Net Worth

Facts of Christie Brimberry Net Worth

Net worth$1.5million
Date of Birth:1972 March 25
First NameChristie
Last Name Brimberry
Age:51 years old
Birth Nation: American Samoa
Height: 5 Feet 8 Inch

Christie Brimberry Net Worth 2017, Source of Income, family life and charity

From the journey of assistant to manager in ‘Fast N’ Loud series of Discovery channel. Life once gives the opportunity to rise up for everyone, it’s just about if you could use that in a proper manner or not. Christie Brimberry did use the chance in the best way and now is famous all over the nation for the mastermind she exhibits in the show. Besides she also works as an assistant to Richard Rawlings at the corporate office, Gas Monkey Garage. Yes, this TV personality works as the office manager. But the fact that this talented girl in her 45 just has the net worth of $1.5 million might be quite upsetting for her fans.

Christie Brimberry Source of Income

This girl of 5 feet 8-inch weights just 54 kg in her fit slim body, perfectly maintained as a TV personality. Besides the fact she recently has went through Thyroid gland cancer and lymph node cancer. She says that her facebook fan followers helped out with her treatment. Although suffering from such deadly disease, her motivation is high as always and the beautiful smile on her face never fades away. Truly, she is the lady to be admired.

Though her net worth seems to be low, her daily salary is about $570 which makes the annual salary over $200k. Though we could find a lot of her property details like house and car collection expect that he owns a house in Dallas in Texas. Christie if you are this article, please know that your fans are eager to know more about you and hear you.

Christie is very active over social media. She regularly shares photos on Instagram related to her pet and daughters while post videos regarding work. Her 113k followers on Twitter and 590k followers over facebook eagerly wait for her post. She also has 260.1k followers on Instagram.

Christie Brimberry Family Life

Besides being the very social being and active in social media she also has a sound family. It is believed she married her husband after she dated him for several years. She says her husband is a hairdresser and she loves this fact about him. but the rumors of her divorce are so often in media that her fans often get confuses about her relationship status and she doesn’t talk about that much in public. Just like the rumors of her death was also spread a year ago. Rumors apart, her family with six children and loving husband might be a perfect one for her. Well, we have no idea what motivated her to have such large family of six children’s. May will she will someday share about that.

Christie Brimberry  Charity

She well believes in charity and has contributed donations to child organizations. Also, she has been involved in the much social organization. Her storing faith so social responsibilities might be because of her fan club how donated huge amount to save her life from cancer. No wonder, all of her fortune is an upshot of her dedication towards her profession.

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