Eli Manning Net Worth

First Name Elisha (Eli)
Middle Name Nelson
Last Name Manning
Date of birth 19810103
Profession NFL Quaterback
Profession American
Height 6 feet 4 inch
Ethnicity White
Nicknames Eli Manning

Eli Manning Net Worth: $115 Million

Elisha Nelson Manning comes from a family of leading quarterbacks. Son of highly successful NFL star Archie Manning and brother of famous quarterback Payton Manning, Eli Manning is one of the leading stars of modern day football. In the simple word, he is the man worth over 115 million dollars and gets a pay of 26.5 million dollars including 7 million dollars form endorsement each year.


Eli Manning has played for the New York Giants right from the beginning of his career. The year of 2004 was a little tougher for him as he was a rookie and a starter of the Giants. The result was ailing resulting 37-14 loss in his fourth career game. However, the athlete never gave up and he stands tall at the moment. Eli had always shown a great dedication to the game and today he is one of the highest paid stars.

Net Worth

Eli with the magnificent career and excellent performance in the field has collected piles of fortune. Currently, his net worth exceed $115 million, while its pretty sure fact that he will loads up more in near future. According to Forbes report of July 2016 his value was just 65 million dollars. But expert claims after the retirement of his older brother Peyton Manning, Eli’s career earnings is highest among the other active players. In the contrary, experts claims that there’s a 200% increase in his annual salary.

Manning makes most of his fortune from the New York Giants, and has a base salary of $13 million with a workout bonus of $500,000. Eli’s monthly salary is $26.5 million which includes $7 million from endorsements. Additionally, Eli have multiple endorsement deals from companies like DirecTV, Reebok, Kraft, Samsung, Toyota and Citizen. Furthermore, he has done multiple TV commercials for DirecTV, citizen watches and Toyota.

Living the lavish life, Eli loves his family and fast cars. The MVP player owns a total of 5 super cars which cost him around 3.5 million and he has a great car collection from brands like Corvette, Ferrari, Cadillac, Audi and Range Rover. He own a few estates and properties including his favorite Hoboken house at Hudson Bay costing of 3.8 million. He owns houses at Manhattan, Quogue, New Orleans, Oxford (Mississippi) and Hamptons.

Personal Life

He married Abby McGrew on 29th April, 2008. Abby and Elisha have 3 daughters; Caroline Olivia Manning, Lucy Thomas Manning and Ava Frances Manning.