Frank Skinner’s net worth

Frank Skinner’s net worth

Facts of Frank Skinner’s net worth

Net worth$11 million
Date of Birth:1957 January 28
First NameChristopher Graham
Last NameCollins
AkaFrank Skinner
Age:67 years old

Frank Skinner's net worth: £11 m

English entertainment star Christopher Graham Collins, known as Franks Skinner, is not only a best-selling author and award-winning comedian but also a popular television host, celebrated actor, and award-winning radio presenter. His estimated net worth is In 2001, he won the British Comedy Award for Best Comedy Entertainment Personality. Likewise, in 1991, he defeated personalities such as Jack Dee and Eddie Izzard to win the prestigious Pierre award as a rookie. Currently, he is acting as the host of BBC's Room 101.


Skinner first started to stand up comedy in 1987 and progressed to Television debut a year later. Two years later he continued his side work to full-time performer. Since then he has been working as a writer, comedian, TV and radio presenter, and actor. His TV shows include "Blue heaven (1992 - 1994)", "Room 101 (1994 - present)", "The Frank Skinner show (1995 - 2005)", "Baddie And Skinner Unplanned (2000 - 2005)", "Frank Skinner's Opinionated (2010 - 2011)", "Shane (2004)". Skinner work in shows ranging from Television to radio as presenter, host, guest, writer and actor. His other works were in "Packet Of Three", "Fantasy Of Football League", "Cinderella", "Sunday Morning Breakfast Show", "Frank Skinner on George Formby", "Don't Start", "Doctor Who", "Taskmaster", "Frank Skinner On Demand With...". Throughout his career, he has worked with various

Career in Writing Books

His autobiography "Frank Skinner by Frank Skinner" was published in 2001. His other books are based on his life experience and live shows, they include "Frank Skinner on the road: Love", "Stand-up Comedy and The Queen Of Night, "The Collected Of Wisdom of Frank Skinner: Dispatches From The Sofa"

Personal life

Skinner suffered from influenza during 1986 and recovered from alcoholism. He and his long-time girlfriend, Cath Manson have a son, Buzz Cody.

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