Grant Imahara Net Worth :Find more about Grant Imahara's Career & Personal Life

Grant Imahara Net Worth :Find more about Grant Imahara's Career & Personal Life

Facts of Grant Imahara Net Worth :Find more about Grant Imahara's Career & Personal Life

Net worth$2.5 million
Date of Birth:1970 October 23
First NameGrant Masaru
Last NameImahara
Age:53 years old
Birth Nation: American Samoa
Height: 5 feet 5 inch

With his marvelous smile, co-hosting the “Myth Busters" and having gained fame for the special effects in the Star Wars and the Terminator,  this 47- year old electrical engineer, Grant Imhara has had a fair share in the limelight. Having designed and built robots for the shows, he has always been the geek in his team, and for someone who mesmerized the world of special effects with the great presence of mind, having a net-worth of $2.5 million isn’t really a big deal, is it?

Star Wars, Terminator," Van Helsing" and some others where he did wonders with the robotics and the special-effects contribute much to his $2.5 million worth.

Grant Imahara's Career

An electrical engineer graduated from the University of Southern California, who at a time considered switching majors to script-writing but took his degree in engineering seems to have pursued his passion all the way to television and films. For almost a decade, from 2005 Grant Imahara was the co-host host of Discovery Channel aired  Myth busters. It was here using a blend of science and fun, he put urban legends to the test, and sometimes with explosive results; one of them being when he dropped a BMW form an aircraft.

While the whole world keeps on complaining how they could not follow their heart and intuition and are now stuck in a life as hell, for this guy the limit has always been the sky. From the script writing desire to a creative roboticist and a daring host with the Myth Busters- well nothing can stop you from following your passion. In his career journey, he hosted the Netflix original series White Rabbit Project in which the team investigates topics such as jailbreaks, superpower technology, and bizarre World War II weapons, the first season of which was released on December 9, 2016. Clearly, there’s much more to come for the world.

Grant Imahara's Personal Life

Probably robots are his first love, for he is also into some kind of international robot battle between America and Japan. But his love-life is quite intriguing too. Around Christmas of 2016, he got engaged with Jennifer Newman when he gifted her a 20k diamond ring.

While at the age of 47 people usually have their children in high school, Grant Imahara is just planning to pick an appropriate marriage date. Looks like he has been pretty busy with robots and all his stunts.

If popularity is something that the number of fans and followers could determine, Grant Imahara seems pretty popular. With over 661k followers on Twitter, 204k on Facebook and 107k on his  Instagram, he seems to have an active social life.

More than a luxurious apartment and latest iconic cars, he seems rather interested in robotics and re-inventing his own cars. Well, that may change soon, when he gets married. But for now that is it, going for test drives and stunts with newly designed cars and robotic stuff seem to be his hobby.  And so far, promoting brands hasn’t been something he is fascinated by.  

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