James Ryan Haywood Net Worth

James Ryan Haywood Net Worth

Facts of James Ryan Haywood Net Worth

Net worth$1 Million
Date of Birth:2017 December 6
First NameJames Ryan
Last NameHaywood
Age:6 years old

James Ryan Haywood's Net Worth: $1 million

James Ryan Haywood is an American voice actor and internet personality. Haywood's current estimated net worth is $1 million. Rayn Haywood is a YouTube personality and main cast member of  Rooster Teeth's gameplay Division Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth's news division The Know with Meg Turney. Haywood is also known as Iron Ryan, The mad king, and Ryan the NK guy who is a voice actor, internet personality, and web video star.

James Ryan Haywood's career

Rayn Haywood is also the main host, co-creator and cast member of The Patch, The Know and  Free Play. Ryan is also a voice acts Professor Peter Port in RWBY, Soldier #1 and Caboose's Lieutenant John Elizabeth Andersmith in Red vs Blue (RvB), The Mad King in X-Ray and Vav and his skills on animation help his animator fellow in the Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures (RTAA) to animate cartoons. He was formerly in charge of managing the Rooster Teeth website and their Game Fails Channel on YouTube. He was also the animator, editor, and technical director for Red vs. Blue Season 10. He began live streaming on Twitch April 30, 2016, at SortaMaliciousGaming while still working at Rooster Teeth.

James Ryan Haywood's Family Life

James Ryan Haywood was born in Columbus, Georgia on December 6, 1980. He got married on 2007 with Laurie. She works as a veterinarian and with her, has two children named Eli and Olivia (both of whom have appeared during his Twitch streams).  

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