Jeremy Corbyn Net Worth – Leader of the Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn Net Worth
First Name Jeremy
Middle Name Bernard
Last Name Corbyn
Date of birth 19490516
Profession British Politician, MP
Profession British
Height 5 feet 9 inch
Ethnicity British
Nicknames Jeremy Corbyn, Jeremy Bernard Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn Net Worth: £3 Million

Jeremy Bernard Corbyn is an avid British politician and serve himself as the Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition. Besides, he has been associate as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Islington North since the year 1983. Identifying himself as a democratic socialist, he was elected as Labour Leader in 2015.

Accounting his brief income source, he is currently receiving the heft amount of £137,000 as his salary. Whereas, he don’t believe in wealth and love to spend a simple life. Being in the prestigious position of MP, he earns £74,962 as his base salary while his income has been accompanied by Labour Leader. Which adds another £62,440 into his yearly account and the sum of all will be over £137,000.

Despite of being low in income, he still serve himself as a millionaire. Deeping down the well, he has made more than £3 Million from the state in the past 30 years. Surprisingly, the comrade has made more than £1.5 Million in salary as an MP and will be benefited from a generous £1.6 Million pension after his retirement. Going back in the time, he handle the position of MP with £15,308 salary per year which will be around £74,962 as of today. Refusing the raise in the salary, the humble man still earns the same amount of money. But being the ordinary man with less expenses and huge fame, he has been successful in saving a lot for himself.


Jeremy Corbyn is one of the favorite British Labor Party and Leader of the opposition. He has served as the Member of the Parliament for Islington North since 1983. Corbyn describe himself as a democratic socialist and has advocated the re-nationalization of public utilities and railway. In addition, he has advocated combating corporate tax evasion and avoidance as alternative to austerity. Besides, he is also the member of the Socialist Campaign Group, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Amnesty Insertional. Likewise, he is also the member of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament followed by National Chair of the Stop the War Coalition.

Personal Life

Jeremy first married Jane Chapman, a fellow Labour Party Councilor in the year 1974. Despite of the same interest and field, the pair couldn’t take their relation in the long run. The pair divorced in the year 1979. After spending eight years together with Claudia Brachhitta, the pair split up with divorce in 1999. The pair he share three son with each other. After the two fail marriage, Corbyn is set to be with his long-term domestic partner Laura Alvarez from 2013.