Jordan Maron’s Net Worth,Life & Career

Jordan Maron’s Net Worth,Life & Career

Facts of Jordan Maron’s Net Worth,Life & Career

Net worth$ 6 Million
Date of Birth:1992 February 10
First NameJordan
Last NameMaron
Age:32 years old

Jordan Maron’s Net Worth: $ 6 Million

Jordan Maron is an American YouTube personality as well as video-game developer and co-founder of XREAL who has a net worth of $6 million. He is better known by his online pseudonym CaptainSparklez. His channel primarily consists of videos of Minecraft let’s play, animations and mod/command block reviews, and gameplay of other video games, most prominently Trials. Jordan channel is currently 91st most subscribed channel on YouTube with over 10 million subscribers. Later, Maron started his second channel called "CaptainSparklez 2" where he primarily uploaded videos of his Twitch live streams. He started a Call of Duty gaming channel. His video “Minecraft Style" was based on PSY's "Gangnam Style" which views over 40 million. He started a music channel called "Maron Music" in 2016, where he uploads his own music and showcases the music of other artists.

Maron’s Early Life and Career

Jordan Maron was born California in February 1992, in Los Angeles. He attended Santa Barbara High School. He went to the University of California as a major chemical engineering but late he decided to switch to computer science-based on his interest in video games. He made YouTube his full-time job in 2011.

In 2010, Maron began making a video on YouTube on Call of Duty game on a channel called ProsDONTtalkSHIT. He stopped uploading videos to ProsDONTtalkSHIT and made his own channel named CaptainSparklez, where he frequently uploaded a video on the popular game Minecraft. He dawned a new channel called Maron Music, in 2016. He releases electronic music to promote music producers, as well as his own tracks. Maron started a mobile gaming company along with Howard Marks, co-founder and former CEO of Activision and co-founder of Acclaim Games and StartEngine, called XREAL.  In May 2015, they announced their first game Fortress Fury which exceeds over 1.5 million downloads within the first month of launch. Maron is also best known for his many Minecraft-themed music videos. He launched his first Minecraft music videos “TNT” originally a parody of Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite” on February 26, 2011. He released his second Minecraft music video called “revenge” on 2011. This music video was a parody on Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love”. He began with parodies to popular songs in pop culture. Maron also created a parody of “Gangnam Style”, called “Minecraft Style”. Maron is also known for his "Fallen Kingdom" series of four Minecraft music videos.

Maron’s Personal Life

Maron is one of the well-known personnel in the YouTube. But he is an unknown person in his love life. There is no any rumor of any love affairs in any media.


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