Lieserl Einstein’s net worth

Lieserl Einstein’s net worth

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First NameLieserl
Last NameEinstein

Lieserl Einstein's net worth 

Lieserl Einstein was born in early 1902 in Novi Sad, Serbia, in Mileva's parents home to Mileva Maric and Albert Einstein. She was one of the well-kept secrets of the genius man. Her existence was only revealed in 1987 when a batch of Albert and Mileva's letters were revealed. Unfortunately, it is exceptionally hard to predict the net worth of any deceased member of the Einstein family. Albert Einstein was the most famous scholar and scientist in physics. His works have affected the lives of the entire population of the world. People regard him as the most genius man in the world.

Before the Birth

Albert Einstein first met his future first wife Mileva Maric at the Zürich Polytechnic in Switzerland in the mid-1890's. Maric was the only woman among the six students in the mathematics and physics section of the teaching diploma course, the same course Einstein had taken. Till 1900, the two became both good friends and partner. They studied extra-curricular physical together. Albert and Mileva married in the year 1903. Their son, Hans Albert Einstein, was born in the year 1904.

After the Birth

The loving father and mother mentioned about their first daughter for the last time in the letter, dated September 19, 1903. In the letter, Albert expresses his deep concerns regarding his baby daughter suffering from Scarlet Fever. Likewise, in the letter, Einstein also requests Mileva to take care of the child registry to avoid potential future problems for the child. This is why experts believe that the couple gave Lieserl up for adoption.


Many have hypothesized about the life and death of Lieserl Einstein. The book “Einstein’s Daughter” by Michele Zackheim states that Lieserl, who was mentally challenged at birth,  died in 1903 in Serbia allegedly fighting against Scarlet Fever. However, the “Einstein Papers Project” written by Robert Schumann states that Maric’s close friend Helene Savic adopted the child.  

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