Mark Jenkins Net Worth- Know more about Mark Jenkins and his art and his income sources.

Mark Jenkins Net Worth- Know more about Mark Jenkins and his art and his income sources.

Facts of Mark Jenkins Net Worth- Know more about Mark Jenkins and his art and his income sources.

Net worth$33 million
Date of Birth:1970 October 7
First NameMark
Last NameJenkins
Age:53 years old
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 5 feet 5 inch

Mark Jenkins is a famous American street artist. His dynamic of street arts is really appealing to the audiences.  His sculpture techniques have grabbed the attention of many. The social sculpture artist, real estate owner has an estimated net worth of around $33 million.  Mark Jenkins also recently made an appearance on the tv show celebrity island with Bear Grylls. He was paid thousands of dollars for the show.

 Specialty and works of Mark Jenkin

Mark Jenkins creates outstanding street installations made of clear packing tape that includes urban and natural spaces along with the indoor areas like art galleries and cafeteria.  His major focus is on streets. His works are surprising, confusing filled with laughter and anger. He shares and teaches his talent through workshops. 

Interests and Mark Jenkin's young inspiration

Mark Jenkins was born on 0ctober7, 1970 in Alexandria, Virginia. His birth sign is Libra. He is interested in the reactions of people and regards it as a social experiment to interact with the surroundings. From his early days, he was a music lover. From School to his college time he used to play Saxophone. Later, he joined a band playing rap and electronics.

He got inspired by the work of Juan Munoz at the exhibition at Hirshhorn Museum in Washington DC in 2001. He started creating sculptures and getting into art project thereafter.

Mark Jenkins associates and his beloved brother 

He started working with Sandra Fernandez on the project called "Stroker" in 2005. They together developed different structure using a tape like dogs playing with garbage, ducks swimming in a drain and giraffes picking plastics out of the tree.  "Embed Series" in 2008 was the massive hit and success for the mark.

In 2018, Jenkins and Fernandez created a project 84 that deals with the adult male suicide. It provides awareness to the adults and encourages them to cope with the life. Jenkins own brother committed suicide.

Popularity and fields Mark Jenkin is involved

Mark Jenkins believes he has a connection with the sculptures. An American urban artist makes any environment his personal stage. He is also an author. He has written many journals articles and books. He has almost 29 years of experience in the real estate business. He is also famous for  Channel’s 4 The Hotel.

Tricky and confusing art of Mark Jenkins 

His performance and tricky ideas have gained the popularity globally. His creation is unrealistic and ridiculous that makes all confused and surprised.He always prioritizes the demand of audiences.

Mark Jenkins does pranks on his streets installations. In 2008, Mark Jenkins was involved with the police when his polar bear sculptures were mistaken as a suspicious package. He was associated with Green Peace on a campaign ‘Plight Of the Polar bear’. Once, his installation of sculpture resulted in the deployment of bomb squad team. He gets into controversy issues time to time because of his art.

Mark Jenkins Supports sustainable environment and also organize charitable events

Mark Jenkins has funded many times through his art.  A 48 years man has got involved in charities and functions. He loves nature and is an environment guy. He loves promoting and providing awareness to the general public through his art.

His talent has the attention of many viewers. He is a reputed celebrity with a large number of followers.He wants to send a message to the public through his arts. His different social media accounts are active and followed and liked by millions. He regularly shares his ideas through social media.     

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