Michael Gleiber Net Worth-Brand Ambassador of Rolls Royce

Michael Gleiber Net Worth-Brand Ambassador of Rolls Royce

Facts of Michael Gleiber Net Worth-Brand Ambassador of Rolls Royce

Net worth$5.1 million
Date of Birth:1975 December
First NameMichael
Last NameGleiber
Birth Nation: American Samoa

Michael Gleiber Net Worth-Brand Ambassador of Rolls Royce, know his source of income, career and his personal life

With a Stunning Rolls Royce Dawn in the background, in the spring of 2016 when Michael Gleiber posed at the launch of the BMW-owned luxury car, he hit the limelight. Never before had a surgeon unveiled a luxury vehicle of the most acclaimed car-manufacturer in the world. An orthopedic spine surgeon is the 2017 North American ambassador for the most iconic luxury brand in the automobile industry. The $40000 Rolls Royce Dawn isn’t the first luxury vehicle this racing enthusiast has had. He has owned a $300000 2016 Rolls Royce Wraith, another luxury vehicle thousands aspires to own, and before that a Bentley, and certainly, he has been a racing-enthusiast for long. That’s just the small part of the net worth of $5.1million this board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon.

Michael Gleiber's Source of Income

This 42 year has had an extremely successful career as a spine Surgeon having founded a concierge spine surgery practice in his early years and now his practice is listed in the top 21 physicians in the United States. And as medical entrepreneurs he has broken new grounds, owning 6 trademarks including the Concierge Spine Surgery trademark which alone earned him $5.1 million in revenues in 2016. Seemingly, the surgeon has more than just a few million and annual salary over 500k. Furthermore, he is affiliated with the four hospitals namely the University of Miami Hospital, Good Samaritan Medical Center, Boca Raton Regional Hospital and Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center which pays him well. Moreover, the honors like Julius Nevaiser Award, Alec Horwitz Scholar Award and Harold M. Dick Award for excellence for this guy of South Florida at age of 42 is the real achievements.

Beside he owns an 1800 sq. feet residential unit, the land value of which is priced at $149,625 as of 2016 in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Michael Gleiber Career

Micheal is not just a doctor but posses an excellent innovative mind. After completing his Medical study from The Gorge Washington University he received much training. Now, he not one treated the spines of people but combines the latest innovations and techniques to develops the best treatment methodology. He considered his social responsibility releases the statements, articles and video about the ways to prevent spinal diseases.

Actually, his decision as brand Ambassador is later proven to be the best. This seems to be playing a lead role in his social life with a tremendous increase in followers. He is followed by 10.4k followers on Twitter and over 5k followers on Facebook. This doctor has even been highlighted by American television programs often considering the fact that this has won many national prestigious awards. He is often featured in magazines and daily newspaper making him a well known public figure.

Michael Gleiber Personal Life

Besides from the social world, he also maintains his personal world excellently. His wife Michael and two children’s seem to be very supportive towards his work. This kind-hearted doctor is loved by the entire world, but what he loves are his University of Miami and its athletic club. He is so determined to help that player for their excellent leadership. He says “I want all of them to revive the opportunity and facility I received from this club. He also supports the Medical Department of this University and thus this can be regarded as this excellent social contribution.

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