Nathan Connolly Net Worth, Know About His Career, Early Life, Personal Life

Nathan Connolly Net Worth, Know About His Career, Early Life, Personal Life

Facts of Nathan Connolly Net Worth, Know About His Career, Early Life, Personal Life

First NameNathan
Last NameConnolly

An Irish guitarist, who is popularly known as lead guitarist and backing vocalist of the band, Snow Patrol, Nathan Connolly who has the estimated net worth of $900,000.

Know About Nathan Connolly's Sources of Income And Net Worth

Nathan Connolly had remained praiseworthy in his career. He has utilized his talent in a splendid way. He changed his hobby into his source of income.

Being the member of the popular band, Snow Patrol, he is enjoying the band’s net worth of $16 million. He along with his band members gets around $750000 from dispensers annually.

The band also owns a stake in the Houndstooth Pub in New York City.

Nathan along his band has brought different albums in the market such as, "Songs for Polarbears", "When It's All Over We Still Have to Clear Up", and "final straw”.

The earning from these albums added a great contribution to Nathan’s as well as other members of the band’s total net worth.

Prior to this, he earned from his previous band, “File Under Easy Listening" (or F.U.E.L).

No exact information regarding his property and house yet known, but it is for sure that the renowned guitarist with his handsome salary has earned a quite a lot of property and is living a lavish lifestyle.

How Did Nathan Connolly Come Into The Band? Know About His Early Life And Career

Nathan Connolly was born on 20 January 1981, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is the former student of Grosvenor Grammar School.

In his early days, he used to sing in a gospel church choir at Glenmachan, Church of God. His experience from these gave him the inspiration to be a musician.

He is the former member of the band, F.U.E.L (File Under Easy Listening). The band was managed by BBC Radio 1 DJ Colin Murray and consisted of Nathan, Aaron Ditty, Dave Magee and Peter Comfort. But the band did not last long.

Later Nathan joined the band “Snow Patrol” which did not have any records at that point in time. The band consisted of Gary Lightbody, Johny Quinn, Paul Wilson, and Johny McDaid.  In 2002, he became the permanent member of the band.

After that, the band garnered a new record deal and released “Final Straw” in 2003.

Nathan formed his own project called, “Little Matador” in 2013.

Recently, Nathan was seen playing with Feeder live at the Isle Of Wight festival on Sunday 12 June 2016.

Is Nathan Connolly In Any Relationship Or Not? Know About His Personal Life And Dating History

As per the online sources, Nathan is possibly single now. This might be because of his dream to make a solo album.

However, the guitarist Nathan Connolly has been in a relationship with Laura Donnelly. The exact date of their meeting and break up is not known. However, it is said that they were dating each other from 2001-2003.

He does not seem much active on any of the social media sites.

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