Nordan Shat’s net worth – wiki, earning, girlfriend, ethnicity, height, age

Nordan Shat’s net worth – wiki, earning, girlfriend, ethnicity, height, age

Facts of Nordan Shat’s net worth – wiki, earning, girlfriend, ethnicity, height, age

Net worth$2.1 Million
Date of Birth:1996 May 29
First NameNordan
Last NameShat
AkaFaZe Rain, Nordan Shat
Age:21 years old

Nordan Shat (FaZe Rain) Net Worth: $2.1 million

Nordan Shat (FaZe Rain) is a Canadian vlogger, YouTube personality, and professional gamer. He has an estimated net worth of $2.1 million. He is also a member of the Faze Clan. Shat’s is best reckon for his YouTube channel FazeRain (4 million subscribers) and Nordan Shat (+ 1 million subscribers).  His estimated annual salary/earning from Youtube is $800,000 a year.

Shat’s channel is very popular and his channel generates a good sum of revenue from the different ads on it.The average page views in his channel are about 600,000 per day. His channel produces, normally $900 to $1000 per day and $350,000 per year. He also earns from extra from different sponsors companies like G-fuel.

Early Life and Rise of the YouTube star

Born on 1996, May 29 in Toronto, Canada, Nordon grew up along with his sister. Young Shat was a class clown who loved to make people laugh. Being one of the troublesome kids, Nordan was a frequent visitor of the principal office in the school. However, maintaining his charm, he remained  “A” grade student until he turned 7.

Nordan discovered his gaming interest at the age of 7 when he had to cope up with depression after being separated from his biological father. Faze started his YouTube channel in the year 2010. Starting his career with gaming videos, he specialized in playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare followed by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and others. Above all, he creates his own characters, uses masks, and also plays with hats and vapes to produce creative content for the viewers. In August 2016, he has more than 4.1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel TrickShotting.


The Faze House video clip:

Relationship status

The cool man with lots of gaming ability was previously dating a blonde named Taylor. She even appeared in his video titled "Meet My Girlfriend" in 2014. The duo broke up in 2016.

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