Pablo Escobar Net Worth

Pablo Escobar Net Worth

Facts of Pablo Escobar Net Worth

Date of Birth:1949 December 1
Date of Death:1993 December 2
First NamePablo Emilio
Last NameEscobar Gaviria
Birth Nation: Colombia
Height: 5 feet 5 inch


Also know as the "king of cocaine", Pablo was the notorious Colombian drug lord of all times, supplying over 80% of cocaine into the United States, flying planes several times in a day from Colombia to Panama and transporting US through smuggling routes, he earned over 21.9 US billion dollar annually as his personal income. Bought over fifteen bigger airplanes, including a Learjet and six helicopters, He is also described as the wealthiest narco-terrorist, drug dealer and cocaine-mafia who had total estimated net-worth of amount $30 million in the year 1993, By 2017 we can say that his wealth is worth $56 billion. Pablo earning is still more than Facebook, Starbucks, and even Union Pacific today in 2017.

Operating throughout the 1970's and 1980's in Bolivia, Colombia, Central America, Peru, Canada, Europea and United States, the highly organized, very fearsome Colombian Drug Cartel originating in city Medellin, Colombia brought more than 70 Million US dollars that is 26 Billion US dollars per Year, through smuggling 15 tons of cocaine per day, more than half of which was consumed by the United States. The Medellin Cartel had to spend over 1000 US dollars per week in buying rubber bands to stack up all those cash, Most of the money got stocked inside the Warehouse, resulting 10% spoilage of his cash been eaten by rats assuming as their food. It's amazing to know, that even till today's date 2017 Pablo Escobar earning is equivalent to average earning of Four Million Colombians and 425,000 average earning Americans, that is the total population of Miami, Florida. He even piled on his money Underground by digging in the ground, as he had lots of money once in run away with his family members in the Jungle of Colombia, he simply burned his 2 Million US dollar to keep his daughter warm in the cold night.


During political unrest and civil war in Colombia, crime became the common route for many young people who were struggling to met their end needs. Pablo born in a poor middle-class farmer family, always dreaming of becoming a millionaire, gets involved in money making business as early teenagers through all the possible ways he can.He started selling graveyard stones and sandling them for reselling them to the local smugglers. Escobar was also involved in selling High-school diploma degree's passed off fraudulently through Universidad Autónoma Latinoamericana of Medellín. Escobar also studied at same the University for a short period of time, without obtaining a degree he left, as said by his son Sebastián Marroquín. Escobar with his criminal partner Oscar Benel Aguirre participated in many other criminal activities from selling contraband cigarettes to fake lottery tickets and stealing cars. Before entering in drug business on early 1970's, Escobar earns over $100,000 for acting as thief and bodyguard he got involved in kidnapping people and holding a ransom for execution in Medellin. Working with former smuggler Alvaro Prieto, who operated around Medellin Escobar fulfilled his childhood dream of having Colombian Dollar 1 million by the age 22. When he turned age 26 he had deposited 100 million Colombian dollars in his bank, that is more 3 million US dollars.


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