Rashida Jones Net Worth, Know About Her Career, Early Life, Personal Life, Social Media Profile

Rashida Jones Net Worth, Know About Her Career, Early Life, Personal Life, Social Media Profile

Facts of Rashida Jones Net Worth, Know About Her Career, Early Life, Personal Life, Social Media Profile

Net worth$3 million
Date of Birth:1976 February 25
First NameRashida
Last NameJones
Age:48 years old
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 5 Feet 4 Inch

A best known for playing Ann Perkins on the NBC comedy series, Rashida Jones is an American actress, producer, singer, and writer who has the net worth of $3 million.

Let's Know The Net Worth And Source of Income of Rashida Jones

Net worth: $3 million

Annual salary: nearly around 1 million

Monthly income: $75,000

Weekly income: $20,750

Daily income: $3,000

Rashida Jones has appeared in different movies. Some of her popular movies are "Hot Girls Wanted", "The Muppets", "Cuban Fury", "Little Black Book" and many more.

Similarly, her other movies like, "I Love You, Man", "Our Idiot Brother", and "Cuban Fury" grossed around $91.6 million, $25.86 million, and $5.6 million.

Despite this, one of her popular movies "The Social Network" whose budget is $40 million grossed $224.9 million as per the box office hit.

She has made her appearance in many TV series and shows like "The Last Don", "If These Walls Could Talk 2", "Freaks and Geeks", "Boston Public", "Saturday Night Live", and many more.

Also, she made her appearance in music videos like "Family Feud" which is sung by Jay-Z and directed by Ava DuVernay where she highly paid and added to her net worth.

Also, she made her appearance in many charities and supports them like Amnesty International, EB Medical Research Foundation, Elton John AIDS Foundation, International Rescue Committee, Peace First and many more.

She owns a beautiful house whose worth is still unknown.

Let's Know The Early Life And Career of Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones was born on February 25, 1976,  Los Angeles, California, the United States.

She is the daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton and born with five siblings named  Kidada Jones, Jolie Jones Levine, Quincy Jones III, Martina Jones, and Kenya Julia Miambi Sarah Jones.

She attends Hebrew school but left at the age of ten years old and later on she attends Harvard University.

Her real interested was to become a Lawyer but she changed her mind and later on, she started her career as an actress and involved in the performing arts and served as musical director for the Opportunes.

She made her appearance in many television series and her first TV series was "The Last Don", Later on, she made her appearance in many series "Vamped Out", "Who Do You Think You Are?" and many more and also made her appearance in many TV shows like "Saturday Night Live".

Later on, she got chanced to work in movies and her first movies were, "Myth America" also other movies like "The Muppets", "Cuban Fury", "Little Black Book" and many more.

Is Rashida Jones Married Or Not? Let's Know

Rashida Jones is still a bachelor but was in a relationship with many elegant men.

She was in a relationship with Mark Ronson in between 2002 to 2004.

In next year, she was in a relationship with Seth Meyers and in following year also with John Krasinski.

From 2007 up to now she has dated many celebrities like Drake, Jeremy Renner, Charlie HunnamJon FavreauGarrett Hedlund, and Ezra Koenig

Socal Media Profile of Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones looks fund of using the social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

She has posted only for 508 times on Instagram and has 1.1M Followers Followers there.

However, on her Twitter account, she has twitted for 2,118 times until today, which gives her a total of 1.18M followers.

Talking about her official Facebook page, she has 131,753  followers and has got 132,663 likes.

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