Robert Lee Net Worth

Robert Lee Net Worth

Facts of Robert Lee Net Worth

Net worth$27 Million
Date of Birth:1807 January 19
Date of Death:1870 October 12
First NameRobert
Last NameLee
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 5 Feet 10 Inch

Robert Lee’s Net Worth: $27 Million

Robert Edward Lee was an American and Confederate soldier, best known as a commander of the Confederate States Army whose net worth is estimated to be $27 million.

Robert was commander of the Confederate States Army. He guided the military of Northern Virginia in the American Civil War. Lee was a pinnacle mark off of the United States Military Academy and an outstanding officer and military engineer in the United States Army who served for 32 years distinguished himself during the Mexican–American War. He also served as Superintendent of the United States Military Academy. While in the first Civil War, he served as a senior military adviser to Confederate President “Jefferson Davis”. As a battlefield commander, he won several wars. After war Lee signed an oath of allegiance. He also served as president of Washington College. After the death of Lee, he was marked as an icon used by promoters of "Lost Cause" mythology. He was a national superman.

Robert Lee’s Career

He was born on 19 January 1807 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Robert Lee had begun his learning in American army at the West Point focusing on the studies of engineering. He marked off with the second position in his class. Robert Lee was prearranged to construct a fortification on the boggy island of Cockspur, Georgia where he got unsuccess in his mission. Robert Lee was moved to Washington to help General Gratiot. But later he was shifted again to review the southern border of Michigan. He oversaw the engineering work at St. Louis port and he was endorsed to the position of a captain for brilliance in work, over there. He worked as a leader aid to Winfield Scott in the Mexican-American War for two years. He was endorsed as brevet major and with the course of time. Lee served up at Fort Carroll in Baltimore harbor. He was promoted to a Superintendent of the Military Academy, West Point. Lee was ordered to control the forces in suppressing the slave revolt in central weapon store at Harper’s Ferry, Virginia and they had victory. He was promoted to Colonel of the First Regiment Cavalry later as Major General. Lee reconciled from the Army and ruled the Virginia state forces. After a numerous defeating, Lee achieved successes as his army changed the well-liked public opinion. Robert Lee brawls the three-day clash of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. This clash caused the major number of causalities in the past of American Civil War. His men lost the clash to the combined forces under George G. Meade. As a result, he sent a letter of resignation to President Davis, but Davis declined it. Lee, bent in the capital city of Richmond to resist the attacks in full energy and a number of clashes were fought in the process. He was endorsed to general-in-chief of the Confederate forces. Lee’s insufficient army couldn’t fight these clashes much longer. He finally gave up.

Robert Lee’s Personal Life

Robert married Mary Anna Randolph Custis in 1831. The couple had seven children. After suffering a stroke, Lee died on 12 October 1870, at the age of 63.


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