Alex Rodriguez Net Worth and know his income source, career,personal life

Alex Rodriguez Net Worth and know his income source, career,personal life

Facts of Alex Rodriguez Net Worth and know his income source, career,personal life

Net worth$480 million
Date of Birth:1975 July 27
First NameAlex
Last NameRodriguez
Age:47 years old
Birth Nation: United States

Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, nicknamed as ‘A-Rod’ is a former professional baseball player having a net worth of $480 million. He is considered as one of the greatest baseball players of all time.

Check out his income sources. Keep reading!

Alex was a popular baseball player and is famous even today. His income sources are pretty high when looking through his earnings from a few years back. He is one of the highest paid athletes in the world.

His earning in 2003 was $22,000,000 through his salary from Texas Rangers. His salary in 2004 was the same as 2003 with New York Yankees. Along with that in February 2004, his earning was $67,000,000 through the payment made by the Rangers out of the remaining $179 million left on his contract after he was traded to New York Yankees. His earning in 2012 was $29,000,000 through his salary with New York Yankees. Similarly, it was $28,000,000 with the same. In 2014, he earned $300,000 through the sponsorship. Similarly, his salary and earning as of June 2014 as said by Forbes was $22,600,000.   

Let us find out more about his assets and property. Check this out!

Alex has a beautiful collection of cars. He owns BMW 3 series, Maybach 57 S, Ferrari 599 GTB, RR drophead, The Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR Convertible, and Chevy Suburban.

Alex recently sold his Miami Beach home for $30 million. It is the highest price ever. He had earlier bought the house for $7.4 million. He shares his Florida mansion with his two daughters.

We will now talk about his career

Alex has given the world a beautiful graph of his career. In 1994, he made his professional debut as a minor league player. He played with Seattle Mariners from 1994 to 2000. From 2001 to 2003, he played for Texas Rangers. After that, he played for New York Yankees from 2004-2013 and 2015-16. He has retired now.  

Let us find out more about his early life and his personal life.

Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez was born in 1975 in the Washington Heights to Dominican immigrants Victor and Lourdes Rodriguez. When he was four years old, his family moved to Florida. In 1993, Alex was the first ever high school player to try out in the United States national baseball team and was regarded as the top prospect for the whole nation.

In 2002, he married Cynthia Scurtis and the have two children together. They divorced on July 7, 2008. As of February 2017, Alex has been dating Jennifer Lopez.  

 Do you know his status on social networking site? 

Alex is indeed a popular face. He has millions of followers all over the globe. He has 1.24 million followers on Twitter. He has 1.4 million followers on Instagram. He has 1.5 million likes on Facebook. We can clearly by the number of his followers that he is loved worldwide. We wouldn’t be surprised if his followers increased even more in the coming days. We wish him all the luck in his future works.

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