Allen Neal Jones Net Worth

Allen Neal Jones Net Worth

Facts of Allen Neal Jones Net Worth

Net worth$2.5 million
Date of Birth:1977 June 2
First NameAllen Neal
Last NameJones
AkaAJ StylesAJ
Age:47 years old

Allen Neal Jones Net Worth:$2.5 million

40 years old Allen Neal Jones AKA AJ Styles is fan’s favorite at the moment. Winner of WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT title and currently USA Champion is the busiest star this year. If Net worth would define how famous the wrestler is, then AJ this year earned somewhere around the highest paid WWE Villain Triple- H. The fact about Allen Jones that makes him special is that he joined some famous celebrities like Regins, Owen, and Ambrose as the only wrestler to work in more than a dozen pay-per-view event in 2016. But the wrestler with the net worth of $2.5 million has surely struggled hard to get to this point of his career. If you are interested in the story of your own United States Champion and former WWE champion AJ styles then here we have a backstory of his career along with details on his net worth and Salary from the wrestling Show Business that he is in.

AJ Styles Net worth and Earning from WWE career:

If you follow the current Smackdown athlete AJ styles, then you should remember that the star first appeared WWF’s WCW umbrella in 2001 and remained there until 2002. But the short one year was not enough for AJ to establish him in the ring and with time, WWF was dissolved and was termed as WWE where he was never seen for a long period of time. Wait, you think he wasn’t making money then? Well, friends, to be honest, AJ was linked with other big names like TNA, NXT along with international tours from X-Division wrestling and Japan Pro Wrestling as well. So this gentleman was making a good money as the main card wrestler from other wings and was reported to earn around $150 thousand a year. Sounds little less for a showman like AJ? Well, to be honest, he in the beginning days with WWF used to gain $500 per show, and it was still a money that he would fight for. Inspiring story backs the father of four, and AJ can be used as a source of inspiration to people from every field.

Stardom in 2016-2017 and Earning from WWE:

After he wrestled again in WWE, we have seen him appear in main events in one short year. He is children’s favorite now and on the top is blessed with a US champion’s title. Like many, he also earns a heavy bonus from WWE which in his case is 60% of his total income. (Image): North Carolina based Wrestles, lives in a beautiful bungalow home which includes hot bathtub fireplace and a big activity space.

The Big home behind the trampoline in AJ’s house where he lives along with his wife and four of his kids.

Here is how awesome AJ’s home looks from inside. And along with that, we get to see that AJ is a fun loving father who is seen playing games with his sons at Christmas time. Have a look at it for your self

On looking his home from inside, we find a fire place, a modern kitchen, an inbuilt indoor gym along with an ice motor and a stylish Suzuki Motorbike called Phenomenal.

He is a god loving Christian and loves to play the game in his $20000 worth gaming chair.

The wrestling superstar is living a luxurious life with all that money can buy with his wife children and a dog named Ardey. We hope we get to see more of AJ’s life in the future and thanks to the superstar who shares his day to day with his fans from social media so that we are able to see what he is doing now. For now, stay connected with us as we explore more of your favorite celebrity in each column.