Alexis Ohanian Net Worth: Source of Income, Assets, Investment

Alexis Ohanian Net Worth: Source of Income, Assets, Investment

Facts of Alexis Ohanian Net Worth: Source of Income, Assets, Investment

Net worth$9 million
Date of Birth:1983 April 24
First NameAlexis Kerry
Last Nameohanian
Age:41 years old
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 6 Feet 5 Inch

Alexis Kerry Ohanian: $9 million 

Alexis is a co-founder and executive chairman of the social news website Reddit. His estimated net worth is around $9 million dollars.Also known as an American internet entrepreneur.

Source of Incomes:

He is well-known as internet entrepreneur and investor. We all are depended on the internet where all the work being done by the internet. Any problem we wanted to solve we look for the solution on the internet. He is the co-founder and executive chairman of the social news website Reddit. Ohanian made seed investments in startups including Instacart, Zenefits, Opendoor, and Cruise. It has had three funds, totaling over $160M under management. In his site insights analyzed all the investors in tech and he was the number one ranked investor for network centrality the breadth of connections as an investor and with other investors in the ecosystem and the quality and depth of those links.

In 2007, Ohanian launched Breadpig, an "incorporation" that produces geeky merchandise and gives the proceeds to charity. The site has raised over $150,000 since it launched in 2007. He is also the marketing director for Hipmunk, an online travel company. He continues to run Breadpig today as its Founder and Chief Swine Defender.

Ohanian spent 3 months working in microfinance as a Kiva fellow in Yerevan, Armenia after leaving Reddit in 2009. Ohanian announced the launch of his company Das Kapital Capital in June of 2010, which focuses on startup investing, advising and consulting.

Houses, Cars, Yatch

He owns a house in Florida. Which is beautifully decorated or constructed. It has 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, swimming pool. Four car parking space. The cost of the house was estimated at 2.4 million dollars. He married to a tennis player Serena Williams after their marriage they bought a vacation house in Jamaica for 5 million dollars. Which was decorated as per their choice?

Alexis own’s Range Rover Evoque 2013 edition with the price of $115,500 dollars. He own’s 1992 dodge viper RT 10 . he very fond of cars as well as a yacht. He and his wife own’s a yacht with 2 deckers in which it consists of  1 master bedroom 2 common bedrooms, with the ravishing kitchen, wine cellar, crew rooms, and many more. The price of the yacht was estimated at $700,500 dollars.

 Alexis Kerry Ohanian is also known for his quotes. His quotes are very inspirational. Once in his conference with media to promote his company, he said: “ Facebook makes me hate the people I know, and Reddit makes me love the people I don’t know”.

Many quotes were said by him such as

“the internet is both the world greatest library and stage” and

“it takes discipline not to let social media steal your time”


As an entrepreneur, it is necessary where you invest your money. So since Alexis is and an entrepreneur he should invest in wealth in a wise way. He knows the internet world very well so that’s why he had invested his money in many companies.

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