Andre The giant's Net Worth

Andre The giant's Net Worth

Facts of Andre The giant's Net Worth

Net worth$10 Million
Date of Birth:1946 May 19
Date of Death:1993 January 27
First NameAndré René
Last NameRoussimoff
AkaAndré the Giant
Birth Nation: France
Height: 7 Feet 4 Inch

Andre The giant's Net Worth:$10 Million

The WWE Hall of Famer known as the eighth wonder of the world, Andre The giant is one of the most remembered WWF stars who is remembered as one of the most valuable wrestlers the world has ever seen. The showman was not only famous but made the most riches in his time to establish his net worth of $10Million even after three decades of his death. He reportedly made $400,000 in a year in 1970, which established him as the highest paid athlete of all times if we calculate the money in recent value.

Other than wrestling the French man Andre earned huge amounts from numerous TV shows and Films. WWE even held a memorial for Andre and another WWE superstar Big Show was awarded an Andre award for his contribution to the WWE Universe.

Born and raised in Place Grenoble, France, André René Roussimoff was actually one of the tallest wrestler’s with the Height of 7 ft 4 in (2.24 m) and weighed Weight 475 lbs (215 kg).

The net worth of Andre The giant which he left to his son Robin Christensen Roussimoff:

If we talk about numbers, a wrestler who joined WWF in 1973 and rumbled in the ring for 14 long years till 1987, did a big number in the ring with different fights in venues like Madison Square Garden in a pay per view match against Hulk Hogan. This match later became the only match he ever lost.

He reportedly got promoter’s cheques along with WWWF pay cheques just because of his monetary appearances. Over the top, he went unbeaten for 15 straight years.

According to The LA times, This 46-acre of Andre’s property was reportedly assessed at $358,000. The movie star’s former country side home included a three-story house, gazebo, barbecue building and a workshop.

What Did The French Man Andre ride?

It was difficult for Andre to ride older versions of cars which were smaller in size, but the 7 Foot four inches tall Frenchman was always ok with convertibles and trucks.

Here are a few of his favorite machines that may interest you.

To add to that, Andre was a huge fan of his Automated Honda Tricycle motorbike and was seen riding it on his lawn on his later days as well.

Andre was a party animal, and held the record of Drinking Beer and Vodka:

Hulk Hogan remembered his days when Andre had to drink four full bottles of Vodka to get fizzy. Other than that he held the record of drinking 156 beer at a single seating.*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto

Here is a picture where you can see Andre holding a normal Beer can and you can imagine what it would do to someone like him*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto

Though he was not so fond of people as he was exceptionally tall and was used to being stared at, he lived in a countryside home in Ellerbe, North Carolina but that never meant he would not call his wrestling friends over and party hard.

Andre’s other income Sources:

Andre tried his luck in films as well. His first ever film was Casse tête chinois pour le judoka where he appeared as a fighter. The French film did not make a huge box office income, it did spotlight Andre which made way to his other films.

Later in 1976, he appeared in a TV series The Six Million Dollar Man in two episodes “The Secret of Bigfoot - I and II” which were the most popular episodes in the series.

His most memorable role was in The Princess Bride. The movie released in 1987 was budgeted $16 million at that time and it ended up collecting more than $32 million from theater releases.

As Andre loved being the part of movies, he earned a good amount of money by playing all short of unusual roles which fitted his appearance.

Though the wrestler is no more, we surely can enlist him among one of the richest wrestlers of his time.