Andy Casagrande Net Worth-Know Andys CareerPassion & Controversies

Andy Casagrande Net Worth-Know Andys CareerPassion & Controversies

Facts of Andy Casagrande Net Worth-Know Andys CareerPassion & Controversies

Net worth$4 million
Date of Birth:1887 March 27
First NameAndy
Last Name Casagrande
Age:137 years old
Birth Nation: American Samoa

When your profession is your dream and dream is your profession, success is not something you have to run for. It will always be there following your way. Andy Casagrande dives into the ocean, films the shark and hosts the show over Discovery and National Geography channel as a Cinematographer. This huge animal, which you probably have seen just over movies and television, is his working partner and love of his life.

Andy Casagrande career & Income Source

At the age of 40, he still dives into the huge ocean for filming the shark like he did that for the first time. No wonder, he risks his life for each episode he shoots, but 1.2 millions view and salary of thousands of dollars is worth taking the risk. The discovery channel apparently made the profit of $6.3 million in 2015 just from shark week. Where they had invested around $60 million for the completion of the documentary show. So for a legend like him, the net worth of $4 million is not really a big deal.

Every time he enters the ocean with waterproof jackets and huge camera he says "I feel like a part of my dream is coming true". He has already filmed more than 25 films related to wildlife from 2007 to now and is living at the top of his career. Few awards he won for filming those scene, is worth million dollars for him.  This guy has received the product degree from the University of Pittsburgh on biology. Initially, he worked as a tech support engineer. I have other interesting facts about him.  He even wrote a song about shark and send MP3 for the job application. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it is said anything is fair in love and war. And shark was obviously his love.

Andy Casagrande Personal Life

Speaking of his personal life, he married with stunning Emma Walfridsoon in 2017. What could be better when your life partner also has to help in your business? He and Emma together promote the sharks cause, working as the brand ambassador for shark conversation imagination named Shark Angles. They have one child and this beautiful couple resides together in a house in Naples, Florida.

Mr. Andy who is maintaining a perfect professional and personal life seems to fail in having a better social life. His only 8k followers on Twitter and 9k followers over Facebook make the arguments rather clear. But as we can note that he has 79.2k follows over Instagram, we can be clear that he loves posting all clicks with his shark, wild animals and friends.

Andy Casagrande Controversies on Fake Documentary about Shark

Greater dreams obviously carry a greater risk. Andy's favorite program i.e. shark week in 2014 had the greatest number of a viewer in the history. But later the document was claimed to be fake. But the controversies soon ended with the happy ending for Andy. Since then the shark week it's going well in its tenth year and so is the life of Andy.

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