Big Cass 's Net Worth

Big Cass 's Net Worth

Facts of Big Cass 's Net Worth

Net worth$500 Thousands
Date of Birth:1987 August 16
First NameWilliam
Last NameMorrissey
AkaBig Cass
Age:36 years old
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 7 Feet

Big Cass 's Net Worth:$500 Thousands

Marked under Raw and performer of five PPV event The Big Cass who has been around the ring from quite a long time is recently the main attraction of Raw. The fighter is undoubtedly getting an exposure after his matchup against the Hardy Boys. As a mainstream performer, Big Cass has already made a net worth of around 500 thousand dollars and is signed by WWE for two years for $200 K per year.

So, if you are interested in seeing this WWE superstar’s recent life and PPV event’s collection that he played on the main card after his success with Florida Championship Wrestling and WWE’s NXT division, here we have all the figures that actually will prove you that the number sometimes lie as he is a big shot in current WWE main cards.

Big opening matches in 2016 and the Net worth of Big Cass:

Big Cass appeared in WWE in Smackdown on 14th of April 2016 and stood against the Dudely boys and making their way to a big WWE event “The Payback” held in Illinois, Chicago and it was his first ever WWE pay per view match.

Followed by Money in the Bank match, Battle ground event, Summerslam, and Royal Rumble; he made five pay per view event appearance kept aside Survival series and Road block event in 2016. Marking his appearances in six main events, he earned around $100 thousands in total as a mid-card fighter. After his hardcore ladder match with the Hardy boys, he was quickly listed as a fan favorite in the Card.

The New York Yankee is recently the main card wrestler for WWE and he definitely would get a performance appraisal from the network, the upcoming possible fight with Big Show should definitely add to his pay cheque and make him even more famous adding riches to his cart.

Big Cass’s Car and Home:

The Former NXT star is fond of eco-concerned highbred cars but his rest of the collection remains in shades till date. As said New Yorkers are not so much into cars may be he doesn’t one many as one could be more than required for him.

Affair with Morrissey is Cass is now dating fellow wrestler Leah Van Dale, AKA Carmella

Though WWE is famous for making Onscreen chemistry look super real on-screens we have known that former Smackdown member is actually in an off screens relationship with another WWE Diva, Leah Van Dale who we all know as Carmella. The sexy lady has undoubtedly found the love of her life and out big boy has a girl from the same profession which is pretty awesome.

See the chemistry between them for yourself:


In pictures, we can see two best ever couple in WWE preparing for Halloween. So, this was all on your celebrity wrestler for today, stay with us as we bring more of WWE’s elite to you.