Lisa Brennan- Net Worth:Know her income source, career, personal life, property

Lisa Brennan- Net Worth:Know her income source, career, personal life, property

Facts of Lisa Brennan- Net Worth:Know her income source, career, personal life, property

Net worth$14.2 million
Date of Birth:1978 May 17
First NameLisa Nicole
Last NameBrennan Jobs
Age:46 years old
Birth Nation: United States

Lisa Brennan is a famous American writer and journalist, the richest woman in social media who have a massive net worth of around $14.2 Billion. She is the daughter of Apple's co-founder, Steve Jobs. Her role in biographies of Steve Jobs and Walter Isaacson was very much appreciated. The multi-million dollar inheritance from her father makes her more wealthy. She has worked in many famous movies like Aaron Sorokin and in Ava Acres. 

Know about the net worth of Lisa Brennan

LisaBrennan'ss net worth is $14.2 billion, which makes her the richest women in media.

Her net worth in 2011 was $2.2 billion. And in 2012 her net worth rose twice as the previous year and became $4.8 billion.

Since then, Lisa Brennan has always taken a step forward and has increased her net worth throughout the years. From 2013-17, She has managed to make $14.2 billion.

Most of her net worth has been inherited from her late father, Steve Jobs.

Property of talented billionaire Lisa Brennan

Lisa Brennan lives with her mother in a luxurious bungalow in Palo Alto, California. The bungalow has 7 bedrooms, gardens and a home office. It is 5,768 sq.ft and has a market value of $9.3 million.


The early life of Lisa Brennan

Lisa Brenna was born on 17 May 1978 in Portland, Oregon. She went to Homestead High School in California. Her mother, Chrisann Brennan took full responsibility of her till high school. Steve Jobs at first denied Lisa as his daughter. However, through DNA test it had been proved that Lisa is his daughter. Steve jobs than had to support his child by sending $385 which became to $500 every month when he became the millionaire.

Finally, after battling legal troubles, Steve Jobs learned his responsibility as a father and accepted Lisa as his daughter and started living with her.  Then Lisa was sent to Harvard University. For a year she also attended King’s College, London. She started to write for Harvard Crimson and after her graduation, she went to Manhattan to pursue her dreams to be a writer.

How did Lisa Brennan become successful?

As a Harvard Advocate, Lisa first started her career as a writer and journalist with the renowned publishers like The Oprah Magazine, Vogue and in Spiked. In 1999 she was featured in a film “Pirates of Silicon Valley. She later was seen in "Ava Acres "as a child artist.

In 2015, Lisa played one of the main roles in the film “Steve Jobs” alongside with actors Perla Harry Jardin and Sobo.

Currently, Lisa Brennan has written a memoir on Philip Elmer-DeWitt.

Personal Life of Lisa Brennan

For several years Lisa Brenna was raised by her mother. Her father was not in the picture till 1986. She mentioned in an interview that before she only knew her father as a billionaire. Steve Jobs had named a computer project based on her known as Apple Lisa.

Lisa Brennan is single and seems to be enjoying that way. Till now she has not been linked with any other guy. Perhaps she might be keeping her dating life personal.

JournalistAmerican writer $14.2 Billion17 May 1978 Portland, Oregon