Jimmy Wales’net worth

Jimmy Wales’net worth

Facts of Jimmy Wales’net worth

Net worth$2 Million
Date of Birth:1966 August 7
First NameJimmy Donal
Last NameWales
AkaJimmy Wales, Jimmy Donal Wales
Age:57 years old

Jimmy Wales' net worth: $2 Million

Believing in "service first and business later policy," he is only limited to six digits net worth The man behind the world second most viewed the website, Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales’s net worth is quite less in comparison to other internet icons.

With more than 20 billion monthly views (2013 estimate) on the website, the iconic man should be worth billions. Despite the huge success, he personally earns less than car dealers in Ohio. Reportedly, Wales has an estimated net worth of  $1 million. Although he co-founded tens of billions of dollars worth giant that is Wikipedia, his estimated net worth is only around $2 million. In many of his interviews, Jimmy has insisted that he focuses more on the service the website provides than gaining a huge profit from it. Jimmy has said many times that he believes that information should be free to everyone. On the contrary, critics have noted that Wikipedia has maintained unnecessary operating expenses on "movement entities" despite its status as a non-profit anti-ad organization. Jimmy Donal “Jimbo” Wales, born on August 7, 1996, is an American Internet Entrepreneur and business executive. He is famous for creating the famous online non-profit encyclopedia, Wikipedia, and profit-oriented, Wikia. Also, he is the active member of advisory boards in several academic institutions and research institutes. Furthermore, he has been on the list of  Time 100 Most Influential People in the World, Scientists, and Thinkers (2006). Besides, he has received numerous awards including Monaco Media Prize, the Leonardo European Corporate Learning Award, 2009 Nokia Foundation annual award, and more.

Brief Bio and Achievements

Born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama, he comes from a middle-class Caucasian family. Wales’s father ran a grocery store for his living while his mother was a manager of a one-room private school. Young Jimmy was more interested in reading books rather than outdoor games. Wales spent most of his childhood reading his parents' encyclopedias collections.

Early Life

A keen reader and encyclopedia enthusiast since his childhood, Jimbo first attended the University-preparatory Randolph School and later received a bachelor degree in finance from the Auburn University. Additionally, he later joined the University of Alabama's Ph.D. program. However, he quit the program to join the Ph.D. in finance program run by the Indiana University. Jimmy was teaching at two universities while he was still in his high school. Jimmy always wanted to create something. During his university days, he had created an open-source software movement, where all the programmers could meet and collaborate with each other.

Online Career

Wales started his internet career in 1996 with other two partners by launching Bomis, an online content selling website. Jimmy Wales and his partners, Tim Shell and Micheal Davis, initially experimented with various content ideas. One of the ideas was turning the website to a directory of Chicago. However, none of the ideas could beat the ideas related to sports, adult contents, and automobiles. Later, the partners decided that the main objective of the website will be to provide entertaining stories and adult content to users. The money from Bomis was later able to finance capital for Nupedia, which eventually helped Jimmy, Larry Sanger, and their team to create Wikipedia.

Personal Life

Wales has been married thrice. Jimmy first married Pamela Green at the age of 20. The pair divorced in the year 1993. Later, he married his second wife, Christine Rohan, in March 1997. The divorced duo shares one daughter together. Jimmy married his current wife, Kate Garvey, in the year 2012. Wales share two daughters with Kate.

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