Carson Palmer Net Worth

Carson Palmer
First Name Carson
Last Name Palmer
Date of birth 19791217
Profession NFL Quaterback
Profession American
Height 6 feet 5 inch
Ethnicity White/Caucasian
Nicknames Carson Palmer, NFL Player, Quarterback

Carson Palmer Net Worth: $100 Million

Carson Palmer is an American football star best known as the quarterback of the Cincinnati. Currently playing for the Arizona Cardinals, he has a marvelous endeavors in Cincinnati Bengals and Oakland Raiders. Palmer has a total net worth of $60 Million and an average salary of $28.5 Million.

Early Life

Palmer was born as Carson Hilton Palmer on 27th December 1979 in Fresno, California. His father Bill Palmer and mother Dana Palmer knew he had an exceptional physique; truly gifted size and arm strength. Bill enrolled him in private classes at Orange County where he learned football from his quarter back Guru Bob Johnson. Carson went to Santa Margarita High School where he enhance his skills as a remarkable quarterback. His excellent game play brought him field offers from USC, Notre Dame, Colorado and Miami.

The Blooming Point

Palmer earned his fortune from the NFL and other NFL engagements. Alongside his expected monthly salary of $28.5 Million, he earns an extra $500K from endorsement deals. Palmer started his career with $14.5 Million salary in 2003, when he was drafted by Cincinnati Bengals. In later years his salary kept increasing tremendously. In 2014 he signed an extension with the Cardinals worth $49.5 million. Furthermore, experts predict his salary may reach a newer height in coming years. At the age of the 37, rumors surfaced that he is retiring soon. At a recent press conference he stated that he has very limited amount of time in the filed while he has never thought about retiring. With such massive endeavors followed by huge name and fame, he is one of the hot assets of NFL industry.

The successful quarterback have spent his money wisely and has made numerous investments. In the other hand, Carson owns a massive 8000 square feet house in Dal Mar, California. The house with a garage parking space for 10 cars and infinity pool is valued around $2.5 Million as per 2016.

Personal Life

The successful quarterback has a secretive personal life. Whereas, he married USC soccer player, Shailyn on July 5, 2003 in Pebble Beach, California. They have two children’s together, his wife gave birth to twins, son Fletch and daughter Elle, on January 20, 2009.