Chris Benoit's Net Worth

Chris Benoit's Net Worth

Facts of Chris Benoit's Net Worth

Net worth $1.1 million
Date of Birth:1967 May 21
Date of Death:2007 June 25
First NameChristopher Michael
Last NameBenoit
AkaThe Pegasus Kid, Wild Pegasus
Birth Nation: Canada
Height: 5 Feet 11 Inch

Chris Benoit is undoubtedly one of the most controversial names in the history of WWE. He lived short and yes his death made more of an American Homicide horror story, he was a very good athlete inside the ring making big events and earning Pay Per View money from WWE.

Chris Benoit a Canadian former wrestler, who was able to make his name around the millions of hearts in short time, interestingly was one of the richest Wrestler of his time. 

Remembered as a short time and quick climber in WWE, Chris was a superstar athlete with tons of Gas to go toe to toe with whoever was put in front of him. So, do you want to know the Net Worth of one of the highest paid athletes in wrestling? If yes then do stay with us.

Chris Benoit's Earning From Wrestling Career

A capable and strong man Chris started his Wrestling Career in 1985 and won his first title of mid heavy-weight championship in 1986 along with four international tag team championship and three British Commonwealth titles. At then he has Net Worth of $106,906.

Later on, after he returned to WCW in 1995 he teamed with Dean Malenkov and won World Tag Team Championship in 1999.

Here is a short table on his Net Worth starting from 1997 to 2007. See how much did Chris bag in his four short year's career with WCW.



Net Worth













In 2000 after WWE owned WCW, he moved to WWF (Now WWE) and won WWE Triple Crown Championship, and before that he was a WCW Triple Crown Champion as well.

Highlighting some of the main events in WWE and including his fan loved the feud with Curt Angle and Eddie Gurrero, Chris went on to highlight some of the main roasters Pay-Per-View events and was a heavy seller of Merchandise as well. Chris was undoubtedly the most praised World champions that ever graced the ring

Then in 2004, Chris won the Royal Rumble and proved himself as #1 entrant in 2004. This event changed his image and headlined many pay-per-views for the WWE, in the same year he won a title of fight in the main event of Wrestlemania.

Headlining Royal Rumble 2004, along with main event fight in Wrestlemania XX with all time highest paid wrestler Triple H submitting him in Crippler Crossface, Chris won the WWE heavyweight title and at the same time made headlines for gathering the most Pay-Per-Views.

In 2007 his net worth was estimated to be $1.1 million before his mysterious death.

Personal life

Born on May 21, 1967, as Christopher Michael Benoit, Chris was married twice and had three children.

On June 25, 2007, Chris was found dead with his children and wife which was the saddest day for his fans but after the reports of Chris being involved in killing his family members and himself was reported WWE world decided to erase Benoit's name from WWE's history.