Chris Master's Net Worth

Chris Master's Net Worth

Facts of Chris Master's Net Worth

Net worth$2 million
Date of Birth:1983 January 8
First NameChristopher Robillard
Last NameMordetzky
AkaChris Adonis, Chris Master, Chris Mordetzky
Age:40 years old
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 6 Feet 4 Inch

Christopher Robillard Mordetzky known for his tenure with WWE is an American professional wrestler best known by his ring name Christ master.

He is currently signed to Impact Wrestling under the ring name Chris Adonis. Other than that Chris is also a guest star in the episode Bif Time School of Rocque as a teacher.
Chris fans are curious to know his luxurious life and the actual net worth that he earns. So let's move to the topic and find out his actual worth here:

Chris Master's net worth

After struggling for years, Chris' hard work finally paid off and now he is enjoying a super Luxurious life.

According to sources, his net worth is $2 million which he has collected from his career as a wrestler. As of 2017, Chris is linked with Impact wrestling and reportedly earns around $252,000 per year inclusive of bonuses. Chris net worth's some part is also collected by his involvement of acting.

He has starred in different movies such as AWF: PsychoticSlam and War dog. As a successful wrestler and actor, Chris has definitely made net worth look larger than life.

He owns a bungalow style house in Sin City Las Vegas. As a successful wrestler working for TNA Impact, Chris is more than happy to be listed as one of the most expensive TNA players in recent days.

Chris Achievements and championships

Chris has won AWO Heavyweight Championship title, Arizona Heavyweight championship, OVW Southern Tag Team Championship one time whereas PCW Heavyweight championship two times.

Keeping his AWO’s accomplishments aside, Chris has also made it to the PRO Wrestling Illustrated 500 in 2007  ranked #86 of the top 500 singles wrestlers in the.

Chris' early career And Involvement in Wrestling

At the age of 16, Chris began training for a wrestling career in Ultimate Pro Wrestling for one year. Leaving him out of action for three months Chris suffered an injury.

During the time of injury, Chris learned that WWE was recruiting talent from UPW, and he took time off from wrestling for nearly three years to pursue a powerful physique that would interest WWE.

After struggling for a certain year his hard work paid off, WWE offered him a development contract in 2003, training him at its developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling. At OVW, he developed his skills and purified his character and attaining success in both the singles and tag team divisions.

At OVW, he developed his skills and purified his character and attaining success in both the singles and tag team divisions.

In 2007 November, Chris was released by WWE and later on 2009 July, he returned to WWE.

Chris Master's personal Life

In 2004, Chris married to Vesela Marinova but their relationship couldn't last long, later ending up in a divorce the couple separated in 2011.

During the weekend of Summerslam 2012, Chris posted a contentious photo of himself holding a gun pointed at his head on twitter. Later on, Chris apologized for the incident, claiming that he was not suicidal.