Chrish Jericho's Net Worth

Chrish Jericho's Net Worth

Facts of Chrish Jericho's Net Worth

Net worth18 Million
Date of Birth:1970 November 9
First NameChristopher
Last NameKeith Irvine
Age:53 years old
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 5 Feet 10 Inch

Chris Jericho the richest WWE superstar! Know His Net worth 

Christopher Keith Irvin Known to all WWE fans as Chris Jericho is the winner of 30 championship titles all across WWF, WWE, ECW and WCW. As of 2017, Chris is one of the top ten richest Superstars.

To know more about Jericho's Net Worth and career earning through Wrestling Career please scroll down as we explore it. Super athletic WWE star Chris started wrestling at the early age of 19 WWE just take his fame to the ninth cloud.

Chris Jericho’s Net Worth Increase from Late 90’s to now:

We saw a young athlete starting out in 1996 and Jericho at the beginning days of his wrestling career was able to make around $50,590 a year. And it did not come as much of a surprise to his fans when Jericho earned himself a net worth of $660764 in mid-2000.

Chris, better known by his ring title Y2J, hit the fame after his win against Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in the same night for WWF title in 2001. This win established him as the main card and him the crowd’s favorite. His win over Austin and The Rock also increased his merchandise sell and ticket sells. More to add to Jericho’s earnings, he has an appearance in video games which enabled him to climb quickly to the heights one of the top ten richest wrestlers of all time.

A six time WWE Champion Chris, in total has appeared in 1515 matches and has 170 per view event appearance which is the reason behind him holding $18 million net worth. At present, he has an annual salary of $970,000.

 Chris Jericho’s Other Involvements In TV Music and Books:   

Besides, being a strong WWE contender, Jericho is a successful businessman, a musician, an author. Chris is a lead vocalist of the metal band Fozzy. He has released six best-selling albums including song Judas which now has over a million views on youtube.

Furthermore, he earns from multiple shows of VH1, G4TV, as in the year from the show 12 sessions of dance with stars he earned around half million dollars.    

 As an avid writer, Chris has published six books including “Undisputed” which is one of the bestsellers among all wrestling lover.


With such a big name you might think his house in Hollywood somewhere at New York or Hills but, you are pretty wrong his house appears in Florida, Odessa that cost around $970,000 in 2004. His house is quite luxuries with 4-bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a small boat port nearby shore.


It is interesting that he is a man of privacy in the matter of vehicles, and mostly found traveling in the rented cars, it is hard to understand this sort of behavior, but we could probably say he might be trying to show his rock star personality or the wealth he has.