Damian Chapa Net Worth: Know his income source, career, early life, relationships

Damian Chapa Net Worth: Know his income source, career, early life, relationships

Facts of Damian Chapa Net Worth: Know his income source, career, early life, relationships

Net worth$15 million dollars
Date of Birth:1963 October 29
First NameDamian Robert
Last NameChapa
Age:60 years old
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 5 Feet 9 Inch

An American actor, film director, and producer, Damian Robert Chapa, is most popular for his appearance on different movies and TV shows including “Blood In Blood Out”, “Street Fighter”, “El Padrino”, “Under Siege”, and “Mexican Gangster”. Damian is worthy of $15 million.

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Gather information related to Damian Chapa's sources of income 

Chapa's exceptional performances in different movies and TV shows have added a great chunk of fortune to his life. Moreover, his acting skill has made him one of the most noticeable faces in the Hollywood industry.

Actor and director Damien Chapa

The actor Damian has appeared in dozens of movies which are liked by almost all of its viewers. Some of his popular movies are “Blood In Blood Out”, “Street Fighter”, “El Padrino”, “Under Siege”, and “Mexican Gangster”.

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Let us now have a look towards the earnings and budget of Damian's movies.

MoviesBudgetBox office
Blood In Blood Out$35 million$4,496,583
Street Fighter$35 million$99,423,521
Under Siege$35 million$156.6 million

Apart from this, Damian has also shown his acting talent can be seen in Tv series like "Married with Children", "Melrose Place", "Walker, Texas Ranger", "On Seventh Avenue", "The Rockford Files: Godfather Knows Best", and "Menendez: A Killing in Beverly Hills".

Menendez: A Killing in Beverly Hills poster

All of Damian's appearances on TV shows have also contributed a great sum of money to his present financial position, which he is enjoying today.

The handsome hunk, Danian is not only busy collecting money from his appearances but has also managed his time for different charity works as well.


Know about early life and career of Damian Chapa

The actor, Damian was born to Rico Chapa on October 29, 1963, in Dayton, Ohio, United States, with a full name of Damian Robert Chapa. Talking about his ancestry, he is of Mexican, Italian and German descent.

Damian Chapa

It is said that Damian started his career in 1989, however, he was first seen in the movie “Under Siege”, where he portrayed Tackman in 1992.

In the following year, he appeared in the movie “Blood In Blood Out”. Where he plated Miklo.

Apart from this, he has portrayed many praiseworthy roles in different movies like “Street Fighter”, “El Padrino”, “Mexican Gangster”, “Bad Karma”, and many more.

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Personal life, relationships, and dating history of Damian Chapa

Damian is possibly single now as no any news and rumors related to his present relationships is known to us.

However, Damian has marriage relationships with Ciara O'Brien (1998 - 2003) and Natasha Henstridge (1995 - 1996).

damian chapa with Natasha Henstridge

Apart from this, Damian has also managed romantic relationships with Monica Ramon in between 2007 and 2008, Karina Lombard in 1997 and Beverly D'Angelo as well.

The legal allegation to the actor Damian Chapa

Even though Chapa’s history seems to be clear, it is not.

Damian was arrested in Madrid and was later transferred to a jail in Munich in 2011 to wait for a court appearance as he was charged with a rape case on his former girlfriend, Roxanna Foell. But due to the false allegation, he was set free in September 2011, he was also paid 2000 Euros by the Bavarian state of Germany as he was wrongfully arrested.

He was also apparently filed a $1.3 million lawsuit for damages against Foell.

ProducerFilm directorAmerican actorNatasha Henstridge$15 million.October 29, 1963