Elena Gant Net Worth,Wiki,Personal Life,Career

Elena Gant Net Worth,Wiki,Personal Life,Career

Facts of Elena Gant Net Worth,Wiki,Personal Life,Career

First NameElena
Last NameGrant

A Russian-American reality television show star. Elena Gant has the net worth which is estimated to be $2million dollars in 2017. she is one of the most popular reality television star and known face of the popular show "Little Woman". she is also known as "Little Britney".


The Russian-American actress and reality TV star  Elena Grant has the net worth of $2 Million dollars in 2017. When she became celebrity she started her Youtube channel “EG beauty” which has more than 60,000 subscribers.

There are no much things to write about Elena Grant as she has been busy in taking care of her twins since 2016. Recently she shows her offered tribute to her late father on Instagram. She is also planning to return to TV shows next year.  And Preston  Gant Is her husband and also an actor and a  producer. 


The gorgeous celebrity Elena Grant’s birthday on 14 and was born in the year of 1987. Her birth name was Elena Belenkaya. Her mother is Olga. she grew up with her two siblings. She finished her graduation from the University of Kazan where she born. She was known of her dark brown eyes, blond hair and slim build.

At the age of 16, she attended a conference and started communication small people in the USA.she belongs to Russian-American but she has the white origin. She is one of the most popular reality television star and known face of the popular show “Little Woman”.  Elena is known for her smart and ambitious personality. Since then she decided to stay back in the USA and make a name and life for herself.  She started dating Preston Gant The African-American personality. They both deeply love each other then they decided to live forever so they married in 2014 and Elena Gant give birth to her twins child in 2016. She never visited her family ever since she left Russia but constantly in touch through social media.

She is also known as the Mini Britney and the bombshell. She has a cute height of 4’4” and weight around 45 kg.  Los Angeles and Las Vegas are her favorite cities.

In 2015 she was in headlines when she made jealous Briana Renee on a set of “Little Woman: LA” by making her feel betrayed. Once she found herself trapped in a controversy when reality shows Little Women: LA faced the legal threat by the owner who claimed to own the rights of Britney Spears impression.

Elena Grant’s Career Development

She is famous for her role in a reality TV series “Little Women: LA” which was started in 2014 and is still airing on lifetime tv. The series is about all little women who are living in Los Angeles, sharing their hopes, victories, problem and their problems. They share everything else friends share. They as like friends.

Due to the popularity, the show has few spin-offs, which are: Little Women New York, Little Women Atlanta and the same in Dallas. Because of her popularity, she made her way to a lot of TV shows, such as Green and Tosh, Arsenio Hall Show. She also made an appearance on a comedy talk show “Dueling Divas”.

She is a smart businesswoman: She has her own website called “Elena Gant Beauty” where she posts her videos about makeup tips. In the videos, she shares about her beauty routine, talks about her daily life and also shares some advice.


Elena visit America in 2003 when she was only 16. She was there to attend a conference for “ Little Woman”

Elena Gant is taller than the usual average height of little people so she is called “Shaq Of Little People” but she never got angry about this nickname.

Usually, she is asked to perform her Britney Spears Act on a talk show.

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