George Jung Net Worth:Let's know his drug dealing. career, busted records, affairs

George Jung Net Worth:Let's know his drug dealing. career, busted records, affairs

Facts of George Jung Net Worth:Let's know his drug dealing. career, busted records, affairs

Net worth$10 thousand
Date of Birth:1942 August 6
First NameGeorge Jacob
Last NameJung
AkaBoston George
Age:81 years old
Birth Nation: United States

An American former drug smuggler and trafficker, Georg Jung famous as Boston George and El Americano has the net worth of around $10 thousand. He was one of the main dealers of cocaine in US during 1970 and early 1980.

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How much money did George Jung make from drug smuggling? 

A major kingpin in the cocaine trade in the US between the '70s and the '80s, George Jung earned a huge amount of money from smuggling but currently holds the net worth of only $10,000.

George Jung earned around $250,000 per rum from his smuggling empire in 1967. He earned around $3 million in this year from drug smuggling.

With the increase in sales and becoming responsible for Medellin Cartel, George earned around $15 million daily from his smuggling empire in 1970.

Being a regular drug smuggler in the US, George was arrested and put in the jail which caused the decrease in his total net worth but also he kept smuggling marijuana in the US.

How did George Jung become the drug smuggler in the US? 

Realizing the profit from smuggling marijuana, George started the business in 1967 with his childhood friend.

In his early days of smuggling, George and his then-girlfriend, Barbara used to transport the drugs in suitcases on flights. And later advanced to stolen airplanes to transport the drugs in Mexico.

After being found smuggling about 660 pounds of marijuana in 1974, George was arrested in Chicago and sent to the FCI, Danbury after arguing with the judge to reduce the sentence.

Making a partnership with Carlos Lehder Rivas, George's cellmate in FCI, they started the business and partnered with the Medellin Cartel. George worked with then Colombian drug smuggler, Pablo Escobar.

Later, in 1987, continuing his smuggling business and making profits of around $3- $5 million daily, George was arrested in his mansion.

How long did George Jung serve in the prison?

After the arrest in 1987 and sudden release of the bail, George was arrested in 1994 for smuggling around 1,754 pounds of cocaine. He received a 60-year sentence for this conviction.

He was sent to the Otisville Federal Prison but later transferred to FCI, La Tuna, in Anthony, Texas. George was then released in 2014 after completing halfway house.

After two years of his release, in 2016, George was arrested for a parole violation. He was then released in 2017 after completing his punishment for a parole violation that occurred in 2016.


What was George Jung's early life like? Let's know about his childhood

George Jacob Jung was born to the parents, Frederick Jung and Ermine O'Neill on August 6, 1942, in Boston, Massachusetts.

George Jung went to Weymouth High School but never was good at studies. He used to play football. However, George graduated from high school in 1961.

Later, he went to the University of Southern Mississippi to study advertising. But he couldn't complete his studies and started using marijuana and also selling it.

Let's know about George Jung's Personal Life

George and his girlfriend, Barbara used to smuggle the drugs back in the '70s but after the death of Barbara, George married a Colombian girl, Mirtha in 1977.

George and Mirtha divorced in 1984 but the couple has the daughter, Kristina Sunshine Jung.

George and his daughter, Kristina Sunshine Jung

Also, George contributed to building a fictional story, Heavy about Jung's escape from a Cuban prison. He worked with T. Rafael Cimino.

In 2001, a film starring Johnny Depp, Blow was made to describe the biography of George Jung.

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