Jim Brown Net Worth – Biography

Jim Brown Net Worth – Biography

Facts of Jim Brown Net Worth – Biography

Net worth$50 Million
Date of Birth:1936 February 17
First NameJim
Last NameBrown
AkaJim Brown
Age:88 years old

Jim Brown Net Worth: $50 Million

The exemplary Football player and actor Jim Brown has one of the successive NFL Career. Known for his remarkable works in Cleveland, he holds the net worth of $50 million.

Early Life

James Nathaniel Brown was born on St. Simons Island, Georgia in 1936 as the son of famous boxer Swinton Brown and his wife Theresa. Jim went to Manhasset Secondary School and had an active sports life. During his tenure in the college life, he has been magnificent in several sports football, lacrosse, baseball, and basketball. Additionally, he has participated in a few Track events while his action is best for the spectacular football career. He went to Syracuse University where he excelled general expectations in the all the sports he played.

Career rise

Brown was drafted in 1957 by the Cleveland Browns and he played as a running back until his retirement in 1965. Jim's fame was not limited to the stadium, after his retirement, he acted in many legendary movies. His movie "100 Rifles" shares a storyline depicting an interracial love story was almost a taboo in 1969. Brown had a short career of 9 seasons and made a career earning of almost $400,000. Though the sum seems to be pretty less it was the greatest number of the NFL players. Apart from the football, he has been a sensational actor. Jim made a whopping sum of $200,000 for his critically highly acclaimed movie "100 Rifles". The multiple personas are also famous for his writing job. Associated with Cleveland Browns as a consultant, he has co-written several books. In the other hand, he has led his hand in real estate investments as well. In recent years he is making some as a public speaker and appearances in product launch and as the motivational speaker. With numerous responsibilities and remarkable endeavors, Brown net worth exceeds $50 million.

Jim Brown Personal life

Brown was in a Baptist family and he has been a man with high held religious values. Jim married his first wife Sue in 1959 and got divorced in the year 1972. Though the athlete had a fail marriage at first, he finally met the women of his life in 1997. Brown tied his second wedding knot with Monique and has been living a fruitful life. Jim has three children from his first wife Sue: Kim, Kevin and James Jr. Whereas his other children are Shellie Ayres, Kimberly Jones, and Karen Brown Ward.

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