John Kani Net Worth and let's know about his income, career, personal life

John Kani Net Worth and let's know about his income, career, personal life

Facts of John Kani Net Worth and let's know about his income, career, personal life

Net worth$3.67
Date of Birth:1942 November 30
First NameJohn
Last NameKani
NationalitySouth Africa
Age:81 years old
Birth Nation: South Africa
Height: 5 Feet 3 Inch

John Kani is an American Actor, Director, and Playwriter, who holds the net worth around $3.67 million. He has received many awards in his career due to his great personality. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Cape Town.

 How did John Kani earn his income?

John Kani's main source of income is his acting. He is one of the oldest actors who still manages to get high pay. He has made an appearance in different popular movies throughout his career. He has earned a huge amount of money from his different movies.

Being a director and an actor, John Kani has directed as well as appeared in numbers of movies and TV shows. One of his directed movies is, "Nothing but the Truth".

In one of his movies, “Nothing but the Truth”, he was only the director of the movie. The movie has a total budget of around $11 million and collects $409,832 dollars.

He has also appeared in the movie, “Black Panther”.The movie has a total budget of around $200-210 million and collected $1.197 billion at the Box office sales.

Similarly, his movies like "Captain America: Civil War", "Black Panther", "Coriolanus", and "The Ghost and the Darkness" grossed $1.151 billion, $1.197 billion, $1,072,602, and $75,019,405 as per the box office hit.

He has also appeared in other different movies like "The Ghost and the Darkness", "Captain America: Civil War", "Coriolanus - Enemy of War", "White Lion", and many more.

Let's get to the John Kani's personal life

 John Kani was born in New Brighton, Eastern Cape, South Africa on August 30, 1943. He was interested in acting from his young life.In 1965, he first started acting as a member of the acting group Serpent players. The same year, he won the "Tony Award" including his writing.

He met Mandi Kani and they are having a happy relationship thereafter. They have one son Atandwa Kani. His son AtanJohndwa is also an actor who made his debut on U.S. television on the CW Series Life is Wild and played a younger version of his character "T’Chaka in Black Panther".

 Career achievements of John Kani 

 John Kani was nominated and received Olivier Award for his role in My Children! My Africa. He has total 52 performance in 1987.


Kani has worked in New York Since 1975, He has won a Tony Award for Siwe Banzi is Dead and The Island.  In 2019, He had performed the voice of Rafiki CGI live-action remake of the lion king this film directed by Jon Favreau. 


  Let's Know about John Kani Awards and honors?

He has won life Time award (SAFTA awards) in Feb 2010 and he has received the Avanti Hall of Fame Awards in a South African film.

In 2016, he received national honors Order of Ikhamanga in Silver. He also received Awards like as “Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation in 2000” and  “Olive Schreiner Prize in 2005”.






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