KC Mathieu Net Worth 2018-Do you wish to know who ‘KC Mathieu’ is? Let’s find out.

KC Mathieu Net Worth 2018-Do you wish to know who ‘KC Mathieu’ is? Let’s find out.

Facts of KC Mathieu Net Worth 2018-Do you wish to know who ‘KC Mathieu’ is? Let’s find out.

Net worth$3 million
Date of Birth:1983 May 29
First NameKC
Last NameMathieu
Age:40 years old
Birth Nation: United States

Do you wish to know who ‘KC Mathieu’ is? Let’s find out. Continue reading!

With a net worth of $3 million, KC Mathieu is an entrepreneur. Paint shop owner Mathieu runs his own business- paint shop.KC Mathieu and Aaron Kaufman are the good friends for a long time from a high school and had worked together in TV show  Fast N' Loud.

What did Mathieu do for his career? What does he do? To find out, tune in with us. Let’s get going.

Mathieu is a famous paint shop owner. His speed shop is one of the most famous paint shops in Texas. He has been running his shop successfully since last eight years. Also, his appearance on the television show ‘Fast and Loud’ made him popular. This is the show of Gas Monkey’s garage. This show which airs on Discovery channel changed his life forever. His creativity took him to yet another level when he painted a car himself. Moreover, he takes part in many car shows, television shows, and radio shows as well.

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Mathieu has made a huge fortune of $3 million through his successful career. Through his guest appearances in various television shows, car shows, and radio shows, he earns quite a lot of amount. As an entrepreneur, he has the annual salary of $750,000. He has the monthly income of $62,500. His weekly income is $15,625 and his daily income is $2,200. His successful career has made him a popular face all over the globe.

How did KC Mathieu spend his early days? Do you yet know of his personal life? Find out only on our page. Sit back and enjoy!

KC Mathieu was born on May 29, 1983, in Texas. His birth sign is Gemini. While twelve years old, Mathieu painted his first car. He started learning to paint since his early childhood through his father. Also, Richard Rawlings played a huge role in Mathieu’s career by hiring him. Mathieu is married to Kasey. They got married in 2004. He has a loving family. He has two children. His love for his family shone, even more, when he left his work at Discovery channel to give enough time to his family and joined his shop again.   

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Mathieu has been decreasing the barrier between his followers and himself through his accounts in different social networking sites. He has 91692 likes on Facebook. His account in twitter updates his followers about his paint shop as well. He tweets are liked and followed. In fact, he has become a popular face. His fans are increasing. We will not be surprised when his followers will reach a huge number.

We wish Mathieu all the luck for his future works. We know he can do it! Go, Mathieu! 

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