Mike Crapo's Net Worth

Mike Crapo's Net Worth

Facts of Mike Crapo's Net Worth

Net worth$702,000
Date of Birth:1951 May 23
First NameMichael Dean "Mike"
Last NameCrapo
AkaMike Crapo
Age:72 years old
Birth Nation: United States

Mike Crapo must be the familiar name for the people who are into the politics. But you might not know about Senator Crapo’s net- worth so, today let’s discuss his net-worth.

Michael Dean "Mike" Crapo is a Senator from Idaho who is definitely not among one of the rich senators in from the republican block. Born on May 20, 1951, in Idaho Falls politician, Crapo has been in the Senate for more than 18 years.

Michael Dean "Mike" Crapo's actual net worth in 2017

Despite his long service to Falls, Mike's estimated net worth in early 2016 was reported to be around $1.3 million.

Many smaller tabloids claim his net worth to be around $3 million but he is ranked no. 67 in the top hundred richest senators in the States which proves Capo as one of the honest Republican who has worked for the betterment of Idaho. 

As Mike has openly shared his income to the general public it has never been difficult for general public to sneak-a-pick into Capo's personal life and personal belongings.

As per a tabloid,  Mike who is a trusted republican congress voter owns total 22 properties inclusive his Idaho based home which is worth around $100 thousands along with some bigger as well as smaller investments made into different projects which range somewhere around $500 thousand.

Other than that, an insider confirms that Mike bought his home on 30 year's plan along with a Ford truck in 2009 which are the only two liabilities that Capo has on him.

Though Mike's property in 2016 was evaluated to be around 1 million, his Idaho based home when valued now is worth a lot more than it used to, a year ago.

Smaller transaction and regular expenses

Mike has always been a good citizen and has worked his way to live a simple yet inspiring life. He is never seen taking advantage of the post and power he acquires and most of his investments are generated from personal savings he has.

Mike is a very open person and has clearly given audit reports on the strategic as well as management reports that he uses as a senator.

Mike Crapo Now

Capo, A Harvard Law graduate Mike served in the state senate first time in 1984 to 1992 and he again went on to take over the role of Falls senator in 1998 and was again re-elected to the post in 2004. Crapo in 2016's election got nominated for the fourth time in the Senate with 66% votes on his side. Till 2017 Crapo has served the Senate for 18 long years and still remains public's first choice as Oidho's leader.  

But as per the statistics, Mike's popularity has been rapidly decreasing with the passage of time. Mike who won his first ever seat in the Senate with 99% approval in 2016 settled only at 66% of votes on his side.


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