Nick Woodman Net Worth,Wiki-Find More about GoPro and its Earnings

Nick Woodman Net Worth,Wiki-Find More about GoPro and its Earnings

Facts of Nick Woodman Net Worth,Wiki-Find More about GoPro and its Earnings

Net worth$990 million
Date of Birth:1975 June 24
First NameNick
Last NameWoodman
Age:48 years old

Woodman is an American businessman and donor. He's the founder and CEO of GoPro. He has the lab called “Woodman” to makes GoPro cameras. The company has over five hundred workers and it generates $986 million in 2013. He had a net worth of around $990 million.

Net Worth of Nick Woodman

Nick is the founder CEO of GoPro camera.  His estimated net worth is $990 million in 2018, that is a smaller amount than almost $2 billion form several years ago; when GoPro share prices fell significantly. Woodman had originally borrowed a considerable amount of cash from his parents in order to launch the GoPro. $35,000 from his mother, and $200,000 from his father, to be precise.

Early Life or Nick Woodman

Nick Woodman was born on the 24th June 1975. He grew up in California, where he attended university and achieved his degree in visual arts.

GoPro was not Nick’s first business venture as he had previously attempted at building two companies before. The first was referred to as, a website marketing electronic product for incredibly small markups. and therefore the second was Funbug, a gaming website that allowed people the chance to win money prizes.

Unfortunately they were each failure, however, it gave Nick the experience he required to succeed with GoPro.

Founding GoPro

After Woodman unsuccessful together with his initial two startups, he determined to travel the world to travel surfing.

During his surfboarding tour in Australia and state, he attached a small 35mm camera to his hand using simply an elastic band, so as to capture videos of himself while surfing.

Nick Woodman probably not skilled photographer Since several extreme sports enthusiasts like Nick Woodman are probably not skilled photographers and had been struggling to capture high-quality recordings of their sports activities, that’s wherever Nick’s inspiration came from for the GoPro.

Nick’s plan was to create a belt that the camera could attach to, which would then attach to your body.

Although, the primary styles of the camera focused on the wrist cameras which might be incredibly helpful for anyone wish to point and shoot while being able to use each their hands.

GoPro cameras have currently become a phenomenon for anybody who’s into sports or moves, and not only are their wrist straps, however chest harnesses, head straps, water floats and extending poles. You name it.



5 Success Lessons From Nick Woodman

Robes printed an excellent article outlining five startup lessons from Nick Woodman himself. These 5 lessons from Nick are:

1.       Follow your passion.

2.       Fear Failure

3.       Obsess Over Your Product

4.       Learn to sell

5.       Evolve or die


Woodman Is no longer a billionaire, but still a huge success. His net worth is estimated to be $990 million in 2018



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