Phil McGraw's Net Worth

Phil McGraw's Net Worth

Facts of Phil McGraw's Net Worth

Net worth$400million
Date of Birth:1950 September 1
First NamePhil
Last NameMcGraw
Age:73 years old
Birth Nation: American Samoa
Height: 6 Feet 4 Inch

Phil McGraw's Net Worth

A rear wonder, a doctor who upholds the Ph.D. degree in clinical psychology degree now runs a popular TV show "Dr. Phil", writes the bestselling books and runs a charitable foundation. Success has no limit that’s what Dr.Phil taught. He earns money from TV shows, invests them in social work, earns the national award and then becomes more popular raising this demand over the market, making oneself the 17th highest paid celebrity in America.  This perfect cycle of life maintained by Dr.McGraw upholds the annual salary of $14million.

Have you ever tried defining the term "success" and "achievement"? Well, if you did Dr. Phil must have fitted in the definition. This American studied hard, got few degrees and then slowly uplifting his life how has the net worth of $400 million. A really larger amount for someone who is not into businesses, isn’t it? But yeah, he is in the top as a television personality, an author and a psychologist.

Phil McGraw's Career

Well if you expecting him to be like some boring old aged doctor let me say that you are completely wrong. At the age of 66 this guy of 6 feet 4 inch, still has the fresh beautiful smile. Also, he is really good at playing football, which even got him the scholarship in his college. This man who writes a self-help book, himself has maintained his personal life so well. Seems like, he is the hero of his book himself. His beautiful wife Robin McGraw is as mesmerizing as Phil himself, his better half in all charity and social activities he does. She also runs her own business. His two sons are leading there life perfectly.

Phil McGraw's Mansion and Cars

With the beautiful life he is living, you can already expect the happy ending of his life. You might be interested to know that he owns his big bungalow named LA house worth 29.5 million dollars. He owns the expensive cars, latest gadgets and all you could think about.

Phil McGraw's Social Life and Contributions

You might have seen the fans of hero and heroines. Even of villains, dancers and singers. But fact that a psychiatrist doctor has 1.44Million followers on Twitter, 4million over Facebook and 297k over Instagram may be surprising. All thanks to his syndicated daytime TV talk show(Dr. Phil) which is in 16 seasons after 2,000 episodes. His advertisement on beauty products forms no 7 may have contributed as well.

When you die there is nothing you could take with you, besides the blessings and love you get from one you helped. Maybe that’s why Dr. Phil is into some serious social contribution. His charitable foundation supports disadvantaged children and families. He also lunches awareness about mental health. Even at the age of 66, he is still going with good pace in path of success and running to get further miles away.