Pink Net Worth-How Pink able to accumulate $150 million? Lets check her Income source, Assets

Pink Net Worth-How Pink able to accumulate $150 million? Lets check her Income source, Assets

Facts of Pink Net Worth-How Pink able to accumulate $150 million? Lets check her Income source, Assets

Net worth$150 million
Date of Birth:1979 September 8
First NameAlecia Beth
Last NameMoore
Age:44 years old

P!nk net worth is estimated around $150 million dollars. She is an American singer, songwriter, and an actor.  She made the fortune through her career as a singer.

P!nk’s Career and Source of Income:

Many may think of Alecia Beth Moore (P!nk) mainly as the singer who sang upside down while hanging from the ceiling at the Grammy’s, but the pop singer is a major hit overseas. She started her career in 1995, with her group, Choice. She rose as a solo artist and released her debut album, “Can’t Take Me Home in 2000. Her album was certified double-platinum and claimed the position at two Billboard hot 100 Top 10 hits: “Most Girls” and “There You Go”. Her fame continued to knock on her doorstep. She became more popular with the collaboration hit, “Lady Marmalade”.  In 2001 Missundaztood album sold over 12 million copies worldwide.

Her album Try This earned the Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance in 2003 Grammy Award. In 2012, her album Truth about Love was debuted no. 1 in Billboard 200 chart. Wit Dallas Green she recorded a collaborative album, Rose Ave in 2014, which was a great hit. By selling over 47 million copies worldwide in the success of her career.

In 2000, Box Office sale of her no strings attached tour she earned around $70,000,00 dollars. In 2000, her album,”Can’t Take Me Home” sold around 4 million copies and made the revenue around $4,800,000 dollars. In 2003, record sale of the album, Try This earned around $3,100,000 dollars by selling 2.7 million copies worldwide. In 2001, she earned around $14,200,000 dollars. In 2006, from the sales of the album, I’m Not Dead she earned $6,300,000 dollars by selling 5 million copies. In 2008, from Funhouse album she earned around$6,200,000 dollars.

P!nk earned $36 million dollars in 2009. In 2010, she earned $44 million dollars, in which she earned $4,200,000 dollars by selling 3 million copies of the album, greatest hits… So Far. From the album The Truth About Love, she earned $8,400,000 dollars, the album was released in 2012. Pink became the highest earning touring female artist in 2013, by earning more than $20,072,0755 dollars. She also earned $32 million dollars,  in which she earned $23,600,000 dollars from the ticket sales of Truth About Love Tour. In European tour leg of The Truth About love ticket sales made around $30,700,000 dollars. In which total gross ticket sales of P!nk's Truth About Love tour made hr won Billboard 3rd best selling tour by earning more than $147,900,000 dollars.

P!nk’s Assets:

P!nk owns a home in Malibu the home was listed for $13 million. The home is spanned in more than an acre land, with the six bedrooms. The home is decorated and designed tastefully with elegant pieces of art. One of them is Marilyn Monroe painting costing $10,000  dollars. P!nk and her husband Corey harts who is a race car driver own the mansion in Santa Ynez, near Santa Barbara. The mansion is spanned in 200 acres. In 2002, she purchased 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms house for $2 million dollars.

She owns Harley Davidson Sportster XL Iron 883N in 2013, valued at $8,000 dollars. She also owns 1959 Chevrolet Impala Convertible which is valued $99,000 dollars. She also has Triumph Bonneville T100 costing $8,600. She also owns Bugatti Veron, BMW Sv, Cadillac SRX.

P!nk involvement in Charity:

We can say Pink is a socio-activist, because the way she involved in the charities, it can be said that she is frequently active in the charity whether it be for Artist for Peace and Justice, Save the children, Greenpeace, Peta, Human Rights or Animal right, we can find her involvement.

By her music, she has been an inspiration to many. She continuously turned her roadblocks into milestones. She is relentlessly climbing up the ladder to the success. As she says,”It’s about being alive and feisty and not sitting down and shutting up even though people would like you to”.

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