Robert Kardashian Net Worth,Career and Incidents

Robert Kardashian Net Worth,Career and Incidents

Facts of Robert Kardashian Net Worth,Career and Incidents

Net worth$30 million
Date of Birth:1944 February 22
Date of Death:2003 September 30
First NameRobert George
Last NameKardashian
Birth Nation: American Samoa
Height: 5 Feet 7 Inch

Robert Kardashian Net Worth, personal life

Many people on this earth born live and die. But the matter of fact is that this life cycle of millions just is known by few people who reside along with him. Just a few exceptions are they, whose death makes the whole world to murmur and they are remembered. One of such name is Robert George Kardashian was an American attorney and businessman. He gained national recognition as a defense attorney during Simpson's 1995 murder trial. He fought for the justice of many when he was alive, but at the end couldn’t fight with esophageal cancer which took his life on September 30, 2003, at the age of 59.  The net worth of $30 million he left, though made life easier for his widow and Childers after his death.

Robert George Kardashian was born in a prosperous Armenian-American family in Los Angeles, California. But his grandparents were from Germany and later migrated to America.  Robert took his degree business administration from the University of South California. Also, he studied law from University of San Diego School of law.

Robert Kardashian- Career and Incidents

Initially business was all over his head.  He served as President and CEO of the firm and later invested in Juice Inc, a frozen yogurt company. Also, he invested in a music video business called Concert Cinema. These businesses were just the small part of life until he got entangled with one legal case and his life turned over.

  1. J. Simpson was Roberts’s friend for more than two decades.  On June 12, 1994, Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and restaurant waitress Ronald Goldman were found murdered. But Robert could not resist when his friend Simpson was accused of the murder, so had to reactivate his license to practice law and became the defense authority of his friend. Well, he clearly proved none bond is stronger than the bond of friendship. But, later Simpson was sentenced imprisoned and Robert couldn’t stop then happen.

Many rumors regarding Robert Kardashian had been spread at that time. It is said that in the later days of the case, Robert Kardashian had actually started to fell that his friend had been guilty of murdered and thus helped for his imprisonment. Well, whatever the case is, Robert and Simpson was a good friend even after then and Robert constantly visited Simpson in jail. But When Simpson failed to turn himself in at 11 a.m. on June 17, 1994; Kardashian read a letter by Simpson to the news media. The letter was later interpreted by many as a suicide note.

Robert Kardashian's Personal Life 

But the one, so good with his friends couldn’t be a role model for personal life as. He married three wives and dated few girls. He has four children with his first wife. More interesting is the fact that he married his third wife just six weeks prior to his death. You can see all of his children working together for their family drama series named “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.

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