Thom Beers Net Worth 2017

Thom Beers Net Worth 2017

Facts of Thom Beers Net Worth 2017

Net worth$20 million
Date of Birth:1952 July 20
First NameThom
Last NameBeers
Age:71 years old
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 5 Feet 2 Inch

Thom Beers one of the talented television producers who is known for producing over 40 television series worldwide.

Thom Beers Net Worth

American television producer, screenwriter, television director, Narrator and executive of Turner Broadcasting and Paramount Syndicated Television. He has produced more than 40 television series and appeared in several reality tv shows with different stars. He is currently, the CEO and Executive producer for his own company "Original Production" and chairman for Fermental Media too from where he earned his income. He even had done hit shows like Discovery Network and National Geography channels.

His estimated total net worth is $20 million.

Thom Beers Early Life and His Career

Thom Beers born on July 20, 1952, in Batavia, New York, United States.His father was a service manager and mother was a local actress. He changed different colleges but did not graduate from anyone but he moved to Manhattan and spend on making his career on acting and script-writing.

He finally got a chance as Turner's Producer in commercial television production in Commerical television production.In 1999, he discovered his own company "Original Production" for which he serves as CEO as well as  Executive Producer and chairman and CEO of FremantleMedia's North American.Executive of the Discovery channel Steve Burns approached him to film the catch of the ice crabs in Alaska in a one-hour special show called Extreme Alaska but ice crab hunting was one of the most dangerous professions. He spends two days in the sea but stuck for a week in the middle of a Ferocious storm and affects on his health directly.The entire incident was filmed and soon Thom Beers realized to enter into that profession. In 2006 to 2007 he received Emmy nominations on Discovery Channel family of networks, he produces some of the shows like Deadliest Catch, Lobsters Wars, Monster House and Plastic Surgery: Before and After. He narrates his own shows he produces and for several Discovery Channel Series Like Swords: Life on the line and Verminators, Pilot for Deadliest Catch, Discovery Health Channel Stories of Survival, Ice Road Truckers for History Channe, AX Men.The show Deadliest season, three-part mini-series won numbers of viewers and within a year Deadliest Catch made its debut in the Discovery Network.He was executive producer and narrator of Storage Wars on A and E in 2010. Beers and Original Production has been enlisted for their own danger occupation series"Black Gold"( a documentary) about oil drillers. He narrates much different show like Tornado Road mini-series on The Weather Channel and Whisker Wars and America's Port.From 1990 to 1991 He was a supervising producer for the cartoon Captain Planet and the Planeteers for 26 episodes.

Thom Beers Personal Life

Thom Beers married Leslie Beers and they have merely son named Max who is studying in Highland Hall, a Waldorf School ( president of Amygdala Music) which produce all the music for Original Production Shows and Licensing music for other production companies as well.

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