Verne Troyer Net Worth, Height, Bio, Facts ,Cause of Death,family

April 24, 2018Verne Troyer Net Worth, Height, Bio, Facts ,Cause of Death,family

An American actor, comedian, and stunt performer is best known for playing Mini-Me in the Austin Powers film series who was notable for having been only 2ft 8 in tall as the result of cartilage- hair hypoplasia Verne Troyer’s net worth is estimated to be $160K.

Verne Tayer

The documents had concluded that Troyer had $150k personal property and another $10k annual gross income from the personal property. According to the Blast first report, it is found out that Troyer owed the state of California $22,224.70 in back taxes. Verne Troyer’s biggest assets included $80,000 in cash, a barely used Audi S4 and $20,000 worth of celebrity memorabilia.

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 The renowned actor and stuntman Verne Tayor was born in Sturgis, Michigan as the son of factory worker Susan, and a repair technician Reuben. Later his family moved to nearby Centreville, where Troyer grew up with his siblings Davon and Deborah. He finished his secondary education at Centreville High School, graduating in 1987.

 The stuntman Tayor has been spotted several times during his Mercedes-Benz CLK. Not of all his vehicles are made for the road he even has an electric boat. He has also received one electric boat after doing a commercial in the UK. He owns many vehicles and one of those is Audi S5 that comes with a super changes engine and he used this vehicle to go on to a race track and show people that he can drive it even there.

Verne Tayer


Trayer was married to Genevieve Gallen in 2004 and later in 2008, Troyer was involved in a legal battle over a video of him being intimate with his former girlfriend, Ranae Shrider. The same year, Trayer reached an out of court settlement with the adult video company that tried to sell the tape.

The stuntman Trayer struggled with alcoholism for years and was hospitalized in early April 2018 after a friend called the police to inform them that the actor was drunk and suicidal. On April 21, 2018, he passed away and his death was ruled by alcohol intoxication.