Alex Riley’s Net Worth

Alex Riley’s Net Worth

Facts of Alex Riley’s Net Worth

Net worth$1.5 Million
Date of Birth:1981 April 28
First NameAlex
Last NameRiley
Age:43 years old

Alex Riley's Net Worth:$1.5 Million

Appearing in WWE as the assistant of The Miz and fighting his battles for him at first Alex Riley famous in the ring as A-Ray was one of the villains but the NXT star gradually changed his image after he fought against The Miz. This move for him opened up the doors of stardom for this former NXT star and currently, the wrestler holds a net worth of around $1.5 million. The second generation of NXT star, gained the needed fame after he was plotted by his then master The Miz and was sent to a steel cage match to fight his battle. Afterward, A-Ray appeared in a numerous Pay Per view main events and the Florida Championship Wrestler did big numbers to boost his salary to $250 thousand yearly.

2011 at WWE event Capitol Punishment event and A-Ray salary:

Before 2011, Alex Riley actually was an undercard and shadow of The Miz, his sole mission was to avoid any one from snatching away The WWE title from his master The Miz but when A-Rey went all rogue and went toe to toe with The Miz public went pretty crazy and the show did a big number making A-Ray one of the athletes with huge fame and made him one of the famous NXT stars that gained instant fame. Won or lose, A-Rey did make big number against Cina in the steel cage match previously but his revolution against loud and rude master "The Miz" and win against his own mentor made him fan favorite and quickly established his name in the industry. After that fight, his story seemed week and pay-cheque increased from $150 thousand to $250 thousand. As most of the big celebs in WWE are reported to earn around $300 thousands yearly; A-ray has certainly made it to A-grade list. Other than that WWE is known for paying a huge bonus amount, hence we assume Alex earns around $450 thousands. Did you know that Alex Riley is a SUV guy? Well, it may sound odd for any one to believe that the single dude Riley is a SUV guy, but it's so true as you can see for yourself the famous actor and wrestler Alex in action in his SUV. In image, you can see Alex with his pet dog in his SUV

The Tuxedo gentleman is a pretty fond of antiques and lives in a Condo apartment with all luxuries. here is another video from his living room where you can see a Buddha's statue on his dressing table and TV stand.

So, here is a glimpse of Alex's balcony where he snapped his pet's lazy looks.

So, now you may have a little idea about how he lives and how he spends his money. Hence, you can gather that A-Rey is living a healthy life with a good net worth of around $1.5 million, moreover is making a good career, both in and out of the ring with earnings of $250 thousand a year.

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