Barack Obama Net Worth,Wiki,Career, Assets & Controversies

Barack Obama Net Worth,Wiki,Career, Assets & Controversies

Facts of Barack Obama Net Worth,Wiki,Career, Assets & Controversies

Net worth$20 million
Date of Birth:1961 August 4
First NameBarack
Last NameObama
Age:62 years old

Barack Obama was a 44th President of United States. He is the first African American to have served as president from 2009 to 2017. It is estimated that he has a net worth around $20 million dollars which was basically earned during his presidency. As president, his basic salary was $400,000 dollars a year. And as pension per year, he received around $1,500,000 dollars.

Obama’s Source of Income and Career:

Barack Hussein Obama II was born on August 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Hawaii. In his early years before becoming president, Barack Obama served as director of Developing Communities Project, a church-based organization. In his days at Harvard, he was editor of the Harvard Law Review and President of Journal by his second year. He was an associate at a law firm. He is specialized in neighborhood economic development. Being elected as the first African American President in 2009. Obama's net worth exceeded $7 million in 2013. His net worth was around $12.2 million with his annual salary of $400 thousand in 2014. By 2017, his net worth was estimated around $20 million dollars.

His net worth usually comes from his Law practice, Politics and his books that turned him into multi-millionaire. He entered the millionaire’s club by the royalties he received from his book sale “Dreams from My Father”.

Barack Obama’s Assets:

During his presidency, he is counted in 12th position for good presidency. Which is a great achievement for his career in the presidency. Obama owns a House in Kalorama Neighborhood of Washington D.C. He bought the house for $8.1 million dollars. Before buying the house he rented it. The house is spread in 8,200 square foot, the house has 8 rooms, 2 two kitchens, marble flooring, and a huge yard. He also Owns a luxurious 2 storied villa in the Kenwood area of Chicago. It is valued around $2 million dollars but he bought it for $1.65 million dollars. The villa covers 6400 square feet.

When he was senator of Illinois he owned an Urban chic Chrysler 300c which was cost around $15,000 dollars and it was put up for auction for $1 million dollars but unfortunately, it didn’t receive any bid. He also owns 2005 model Ford Escape Hybrid. When it comes to watches he owns several luxurious watches, one among it is the Jorg Gray JGC6500 which is a timepiece and was presented him during his 46th birthday. In his watch collection, he also owns TAG-Heuer 1500. It is contrasting gold plating on the bezel and a brown leather strap. it was priced approximately $1,500 dollars in the mid-90s.


He may turn out to be a relatively popular president but he was not immune to controversy. The list of Obama controversies may include a broken promise that Americans would be able to keep. He was accused of Benghazi controversy and another thing that critics is accused Obama of downplaying links to Islamic Militants during the 2012 presidential election. His IRS Sandal of 2013 refers to the Internal Revenue Services’s disclosure in which it targeted conservative. His AP Phone Records Scandal, where U.S department secretly obtained telephone records of reporters and editors for The Associated Press wire services in 2012 and many more.


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