Brock Edward Lesnar's Net Worth

Brock Edward Lesnar's Net Worth

Facts of Brock Edward Lesnar's Net Worth

Net worth$13 million
Date of Birth:1977 July 12
First NameBrock Edward
Last NameLesnar
Aka The Beast
Age:46 years old
Birth Nation: Canada
Height: 6 Feet 3 Inch

Brock Edward Lesnar's Net Worth: $13 million

Brock Edward Lesnar, a physical specimen and an American professional wrestler a mixed martial artist and UFC’s heavyweight champion and a professional American football player, so, how much do you think his net worth should be? Well, theoretically he holds a net worth of $13 million.

Currently performing on WWE under Raw brand as the current WWE Universal Champion in his first reign Brock has broken all pay per view records in WWE as well as in UFC. HE is undoubtedly the greatest athlete on the planet.

WWE career and Net Worth Of Brock Lesnar

Youngest WWE and champion in the history so far, the former footballer have done some greatest events in WWE and UFC history in places like Madison Square Garden to T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas bagging price money of $2.5 million which is pretty impressive. The Canadian Mix Martial Artist is recently retired from UFC and fights full time in WWE ring.

Here are all his UFC Pay-per view records, as for the records he went on to become the highest paid Athlete in UFC pay per view up until Conor McGregor beat his records at UFC 202.



Pay-Per View (Ticket Sell)

November 15, 2008

Lesnar vs. Couture UFC 91


July 11, 2009

Lesnar vs. Mir UFC 100


July 3, 2010

Lesnar vs. Carwin UFC 116


October 23, 2010

Lesnar vs. Velasquez UFC 121


December 30, 2011

Lesnar vs. Overeem UFC 141



Kept aside his UFC match with Mark Hunt in 2015, which was recorded to earn $2.5 million Pay-Per View. Further, ESPN's magazine in its May edition of 2011 issue, published a calendar year portraying the 30 sportsmen who earned the highest amount of money from their respective sports was topped by Lesnar who earned $5.3 million, which included his bout salaries and estimated pay-per-view bonuses.

WWE Earnings

The Beast seems hungry for deadly matches, and undoubtedly wins it, as The Undertaker, Big Show, and Cane are part-time Wrestlers who are paid more than 2,5 million a year, Brock has done exceptional numbers. He performed six pay-Per view event last year in 2016 topping the chart and earning more than 2.5 million from the six events.

He has the net worth of $12 million which is contributed by his various WWE, UFC and Football events that he has conquered in his lifetime.

As per salary Brock is still the highest paid wrestlers in 2017, according to Forebs, he bagged $12 million inclusive of bonuses and salary to maintain his Net worth that he held last year in 2016 as well.

We do know that the Beast is not the top merchandise seller like John Cena but is one of the main attractions of WWE and unlike other celebrity wrestlers Brock has occupied all generations from father to sun, everyone in appearing to see him has their own reason and the beast feeds on the become the coolest laid back Canadian who in his free time spends his time in his home town farming and chopping logs.

Here is a video on what future may hold in the Octagon for the beast:

As of now, we have seen Brock in WWE but we think he would certainly return to UFC to fight Jon Bones Jones called out his name after winning the light heavyweight championship. And if the match happens, he is going to break all UFC records once again.

In return, Brock twitted: Any time Anywhere, so we may possibly see the big fight happening somewhere next year, and if the fight happens, it will surely be a record breaking event for UFC as Jon and Brock are the two biggest names in UFC at the present time.