Brodus Clay's Net Worth

Brodus Clay's Net Worth

Facts of Brodus Clay's Net Worth

Net worth$2 Million
Date of Birth:1973 February 21
First NameGeorge
Last NameMurdoch
Age:51 years old
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 6 Feet 9 Inch

Brodus Clay's Net Worth: $2 Million

WWE wrestler Brodus Clay AKA funkasaurus is a former WWE wrestler, now signed with Total Non-stop wrestling TNA. George Murdoch is also a mainstream Fox News contributor. With two simultaneous career and numerous TV appearances, Brodus Clay has managed to be in the lime light as always. He holds a net worth of $2 million in recent days.

Apparently, before being released from WWE Clay reportedly, receive more than $150 thousand a year inclusive of bonuses and salary and as per his recent interview, he revealed that he is unhappy with TNA which reportedly pays him around $80K a year as salary.

So, let’s explore all about this funky wrestler’s career and net worth here from today’s column:

Brodus Clay’s Total Net worth and Salary from WWE and TNA:

After finishing NXT’s season as a first runner-up in 2011 he was brought to the main roster in a humorous role and it seriously was a hit. He was reportedly earning a good salary from WWE universe added his revelry with R-Trooth and Tensai was heavily liked by all fans.

He appeared in many big pay per view matches including Wrestlemania XXX. He reportedly earned total amount of $150 thousands and inclusive of win amount and PPV bonuses and merchandise sales further boosted his salary to $250K a year.

After he was let go from WWE network he in 2017 is linked with another wrestling entertainment belt called TNA and is reportedly receiving a salary of around $80 thousand per year from the network. As per recent interview, he revealed to a local radio that he is not happy with the pay grade offered by TNA.

Work in Fox News as a contributor

Fox News network’s famous program “The Greg Gutfeld Show” often features George AKA funkasaurus but in a different role, instead of jumping around the ring in a tight exercise suit, he appears in a well-tailored suit along with Greg Gutfeld and in many other Fox news shows like Fox with friends and Fox News Specialist.

As Fox News reportedly is one of the greatest networks that pay a good amount of salary to every employee and even a part time trainee is reportedly paid around $20K or more, a regular star contributor should earn more than $35K as his salary. So, we believe the funky one is actually doing great even outside the Ring.

With numerous projects in his hand and a healthy TNA career as well a huge fan base backing up him in every career move he makes, this wrestler turned mainstream news reporter is an autograph signer and has added to the popularity of the show.