Jane Erin Carrey Wiki: Facts you need to know about Jane Carrey

December 19, 2017Jane Erin Carrey Wiki: Facts you need to know about Jane Carrey

Everyone might know about James Eugene Carrey aka Jim Carrey, an American-Canadian actor, comedian, producer, songwriter, and impressionist, I guess so. If you are linked with any famous celebrity, then the surrounding people too will be in the headlines.

In the same manner, Jim Carrey’s daughter Jane Erin Carrey is also most often searched on the internet. She is an American singer who once tried out for American Idol. Today, in this context, we will be talking about Jane Carrey. Check it out:

1. Jane Erin Carrey’s Birth Details

Jane Erin Carrey was born in Los Angeles, California on September 6, 1987. You might know her as the daughter of 54 years old Canadian actor Jim Carrey and his ex-wife Melissa Womer. Jane Erin Carrey’s parents were married for around eight years from 1987 to 1995.

2. Jane Erin Carrey on American Idol

If you watch the audition of 2012 American Idol, then you might notice Jane Erin Carrey. Yes, you heard it right, she was on the hit show, American Idol. You might be wondering why someone whose father has a whopping net worth of $150 million would want or need her own job?

Well, if so then it’s because Jane wanted to make a better place for herself in the world and not to live a life of her famous father.

Before appearing in American Idol, she worked as an on and off waitress for around six years. It looks like father Jim Carrey raised his daughter knowing the value of a daughter.

3. Jane Erin Carrey’s Married Life

Well, for those wondering about Jane’s sexuality and relationship news, she was once married but failed to continue the relationship just like her father.

She was married to Alex Santana back in the year 2009 but failed to continue their married life. Just after around 11 months of their marriage, the couple separated. While asked about the reason behind the couple’s separation, they claimed it as an irreconcilable difference.

The couple even welcomed their son, Jackson Riley Santana after a year of their wedding. For your information; Alex is the lead singer of the metal band named Blood Money.  

4. Jane Erin Carrey’s Son

As explained above, Jane Erin Carrey is a mother of a son. Jane gave birth to her son, Jackson Riley Santana in the year 2010. Through, the couple separated, they still agreed to remain good friends and devoted parents.

After the separation, Jim Carrey invited his daughter and grandson to visit him on the set of his movie Mr. Popper’s Penguins in New York.

5. The Jane Carrey Band

Jane actually could not make it to the last round of hit show American Idol, but that did not stop her patience of singing and becoming a singer.

In the year 2009, Jane became the frontwoman for her own band, The Jane Carrey Band. Her songs like “Simple Beauty” and “Sticky Situation” have grabbed thousands of views and fans.

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